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The following documents how to get Xayaships up and running and how to play the game. The basic steps are:

  1. Get a Xaya Electron wallet
  2. Get some CHI
  3. Download and run Xayaships
  4. Create or join a Xayaships Game Channel
  5. Play Xayaships

1. Xaya Wallet

The first thing you need is the Xaya Electron wallet. Download it from the Xaya Download page here:

When you install the wallet, there’s an option to download the blockchain. This will significantly accelerate the blockchain synchronisation. Choose “Yes” if your blockchain isn’t already sync’d. The blockchain will then quickly synchronise.

2. CHI

You need a tiny amount of CHI to buy your Xaya name and pay transactions fees when you open/close a game channel. If you don’t have any CHI, go to our Xayaships Discord channel and ask for some. Make sure to paste in your CHI address from the Electron wallet that you got above. An admin will respond as soon as possible and send you some. The Xayaships Discord channel is here:

3. Download and Run Xayaships

Go to the Xayaships page and download the latest build from there.

Unzip the archive to a new folder then double-click the “XayaShips.exe” file to run Xayaships. You must wait for it to synchronise. You can see that in the top menu bar beside “State”. Also, see #4 in the diagram in step 4 below.

The first screen if to choose a screen resolution. Check “Windowed” and choose a resolution then click “Play!”.

Xayaships configuration

On the next screen, check the “Run GSP Locally” checkbox. This is critically important as it runs the actual game, which is separate from the lovely GUI. Next, click the Submit button.

Run GSP locally

On the next screen, choose a username under “select account” then click “go”, or enter a new name and click “submit”.

Choose name

The game then starts.

4. Create or Join a Xayaships Game Channel

The Xayaships game is played in Game Channels. You must either create one and wait for an opponent to join, or you can join an existing one.

To create a Game Channel:

  1. Click the LOBBY menu (1)
  2. Click CREATE CHANNEL+ (2)
  3. Done

You must then wait for an opponent to join.

To join an existing channel:

  1. Click the LOBBY menu (1)
  2. In the lobby, click a green Join button to join that channel (3)
  3. Done

You’re now playing Xayaships with an opponent!

Create or join a Game Channel

NOTE: Creating, closing, and joining a Game Channel takes 1 block.

5. Play Xayaships

To start, both players must drag ships onto their board. Double-click a ship to rotate it.

When you are finished placing your ships, click the Submit Position button in the upper-right corner.

Submit the positions of your ships

When it is your turn, you’ll see “YOUR TURN!” beside a blue circle in the upper-right corner (5). Double-click on an empty square in the red grid to fire a shot at your opponent (6).

Shoot when its your turn

Continue back and forth until one player’s entire fleet has been sunk.

The Game Channel will automatically close when the game is over. It takes 1 block for the channel to close. A victory (or defeat) message is then displayed.

Game over - you won