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How to build

These instructions are only for building with Rake, which includes compilation, test execution and packaging. This is the simplest way to build.

You can also build the solution using Visual Studio 2012 or later.

Don't be put off by the prerequisites! It only takes a few minutes to set them up and only needs to be done once. If you haven't used Rake before then you're in for a real treat!

At the time of writing the build is only confirmed to work on Windows using the Microsoft .NET framework.


  1. Ensure you have .NET framework 3.5 and 4.5 installed.

  2. Install Ruby 1.8.7 or later.

For Windows we recommend using RubyInstaller and selecting 'Add Ruby executables to your PATH' when prompted. For alternatives see the Ruby download page.

  1. Using a command prompt, update RubyGems to the latest version:

    gem update --system

  2. Install Bundler:

    gem install bundler

  3. Install the required gems:

    bundle install


Using a command prompt, navigate to your clone root folder and execute:


This executes the default build tasks. After the build has completed, the build artifacts will be located in artifacts/output/.


  • View the full list of build tasks:

    build.cmd -T

  • Run a specific task:

    build.cmd spec

  • Run multiple tasks:

    build.cmd spec pack

  • View the full list of rake options:

    build.cmd -h