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Can I use with continuous test tools?

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NCrunch works fine with, however there are a few things to note:

  • There is a minor coverage indicator issue when a scenario has a failing step. The coverage indicators are still readable and the line which is the source of the exception is highlighted correctly, but there are some extraneous failure indicators in non-failing steps.

  • Also bear in mind that given NCrunch separates the discovery and execution of tests and is therefore unable to show a separate indicator for each step within a scenario. It regards each scenario (including all examples) as a single test.

We regard these as minor annoyances and we do not hesitate to recommend the use of NCrunch with

ContinuousTests a.k.a MightyMoose a.k.a AutoTest

YMMV. Adding a vanilla xUnit.test (see NCrunch) seemed to at least partially allow CT/MM/AT to recognise the assembly but it then seemed to get confused by the coverage indicated by the scenarios. There seem to be issues to address in CT/MM/AT before it is useable with At the time of writing it is not recommended to use CT/MM/AT with

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