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One Tab per Job for Matecat, Smartcat, Lingotek, and Crowdin

This Chrome extension ensures that the existing Chrome tab of a Matecat, Smartcat, Lingotek or Crowdin job is reused when chosing Edit Segment (Ctrl+E) from ApSIC Xbench to edit a translation segment of such Matecat or Smartcat job.

It avoids the clutter of tab proliferation as you repeteadly choose Edit Segment from Xbench and, most importantly, it also avoids running out of sockets against the Matecat cloud server when the user has opened too many Matecat tabs, which appears to be a hang (the user gets a blank page until she closes another Matecat tab).

This Chrome extension should work also for self-hosted Matecat sites.

This Chrome extension is published on the Chrome Web Store and requires the "Read your browsing history" permision because it has to locate the Chrome tab for the Matecat, Smartcat, LinkedIn, Crowdin job among all tabs that are currently open in Chrome.

This Chrome extension is designed to be used in combination of ApSIC Xbench 3.0 and also the ApSIC Xbench Chrome Extension.


Chrome extension to ensure that the existing Chrome tab for the Matecat is reused when editing a segment from ApSIC Xbench




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