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Update dependencies to correctly handle Debian's current Fonts packaging policy
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Wolfgang Schupp wsnipex authored


XBMC Packaging Repository

Clones the XBMC repository and prepares builds for upload to a ppa.

  -Install proper exclude filters for source generation
  -Massive cleanup of the debian/ files

By default, xbmc-get-orig-source will clone mainline xbmc into the xbmc/
folder in the repo root. Because this is a .gitignore'd git repository
it will _not_ be removed with a git clean -xfd. This means that we can
wipe with each build while avoiding a reclone.
If you have a local xbmc git clone already, you may use that path rather
than xbmc/. See the XBMC_SOURCE variable. With this configuration,
xbmc-get-orig-source will checkout files from your local repo into its
working directory, so there is no need to keep 2 clones. Your 'origin'
remote _will_ be updated, otherwise your local clone is read-only.

The files "debian/control" and "debian/rules" are autogenerated for each source
package. The "debian/control" file is generated from the and
var_info files. The "debian/rules file is copied from either rules.distro for
upload to the Debian/Ubuntu distros, or rules.ppa for upload to the PPA.
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