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\file FileItem.h
#pragma once
* Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Team XBMC
* This Program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This Program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with XBMC; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
* the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#include "guilib/GUIListItem.h"
#include "utils/Archive.h"
#include "utils/ISerializable.h"
#include "utils/ISortable.h"
#include "XBDateTime.h"
#include "SortFileItem.h"
#include "utils/LabelFormatter.h"
#include "GUIPassword.h"
#include "threads/CriticalSection.h"
#include <vector>
#include "boost/shared_ptr.hpp"
namespace MUSIC_INFO
class CMusicInfoTag;
class CVideoInfoTag;
class CPictureInfoTag;
class CAlbum;
class CArtist;
class CSong;
class CGenre;
class CURL;
/* special startoffset used to indicate that we wish to resume */
class CMediaSource;
\brief Represents a file on a share
\sa CFileItemList
class CFileItem :
public CGUIListItem, public IArchivable, public ISerializable, public ISortable
CFileItem(const CFileItem& item);
CFileItem(const CGUIListItem& item);
CFileItem(const CStdString& strLabel);
CFileItem(const CStdString& strPath, bool bIsFolder);
CFileItem(const CSong& song);
CFileItem(const CStdString &path, const CAlbum& album);
CFileItem(const CArtist& artist);
CFileItem(const CGenre& genre);
CFileItem(const MUSIC_INFO::CMusicInfoTag& music);
CFileItem(const CVideoInfoTag& movie);
CFileItem(const CMediaSource& share);
virtual ~CFileItem(void);
virtual CGUIListItem *Clone() const { return new CFileItem(*this); };
const CStdString &GetPath() const { return m_strPath; };
void SetPath(const CStdString &path) { m_strPath = path; };
void Reset();
const CFileItem& operator=(const CFileItem& item);
virtual void Archive(CArchive& ar);
virtual void Serialize(CVariant& value);
virtual void ToSortable(SortItem &sortable);
virtual bool IsFileItem() const { return true; };
bool Exists(bool bUseCache = true) const;
bool IsVideo() const;
bool IsDiscStub() const;
bool IsPicture() const;
bool IsLyrics() const;
bool IsAudio() const;
bool IsKaraoke() const;
bool IsCUESheet() const;
bool IsLastFM() const;
bool IsInternetStream(const bool bStrictCheck = false) const;
bool IsPlayList() const;
bool IsSmartPlayList() const;
bool IsPythonScript() const;
bool IsPlugin() const;
bool IsScript() const;
bool IsAddonsPath() const;
bool IsSourcesPath() const;
bool IsNFO() const;
bool IsDVDImage() const;
bool IsOpticalMediaFile() const;
bool IsDVDFile(bool bVobs = true, bool bIfos = true) const;
bool IsBDFile() const;
bool IsRAR() const;
bool IsAPK() const;
bool IsZIP() const;
bool IsCBZ() const;
bool IsCBR() const;
bool IsISO9660() const;
bool IsCDDA() const;
bool IsDVD() const;
bool IsOnDVD() const;
bool IsOnLAN() const;
bool IsHD() const;
bool IsNfs() const;
bool IsAfp() const;
bool IsRemote() const;
bool IsSmb() const;
bool IsURL() const;
bool IsDAAP() const;
bool IsStack() const;
bool IsMultiPath() const;
bool IsMusicDb() const;
bool IsVideoDb() const;
bool IsType(const char *ext) const;
bool IsVirtualDirectoryRoot() const;
bool IsReadOnly() const;
bool CanQueue() const;
void SetCanQueue(bool bYesNo);
bool IsParentFolder() const;
bool IsFileFolder() const;
bool IsRemovable() const;
bool IsTuxBox() const;
bool IsMythTV() const;
bool IsHDHomeRun() const;
bool IsSlingbox() const;
bool IsVTP() const;
bool IsLiveTV() const;
bool IsRSS() const;
bool IsAndroidApp() const;
void RemoveExtension();
void CleanString();
void FillInDefaultIcon();
void SetFileSizeLabel();
virtual void SetLabel(const CStdString &strLabel);
CURL GetAsUrl() const;
int GetVideoContentType() const; /* return VIDEODB_CONTENT_TYPE, but don't want to include videodb in this header */
bool IsLabelPreformated() const { return m_bLabelPreformated; }
void SetLabelPreformated(bool bYesNo) { m_bLabelPreformated=bYesNo; }
bool SortsOnTop() const { return m_specialSort == SortSpecialOnTop; }
bool SortsOnBottom() const { return m_specialSort == SortSpecialOnBottom; }
void SetSpecialSort(SortSpecial sort) { m_specialSort = sort; }
inline bool HasMusicInfoTag() const
return m_musicInfoTag != NULL;
MUSIC_INFO::CMusicInfoTag* GetMusicInfoTag();
inline const MUSIC_INFO::CMusicInfoTag* GetMusicInfoTag() const
return m_musicInfoTag;
inline bool HasVideoInfoTag() const
return m_videoInfoTag != NULL;
CVideoInfoTag* GetVideoInfoTag();
inline const CVideoInfoTag* GetVideoInfoTag() const
return m_videoInfoTag;
inline bool HasPictureInfoTag() const
return m_pictureInfoTag != NULL;
inline const CPictureInfoTag* GetPictureInfoTag() const
return m_pictureInfoTag;
CPictureInfoTag* GetPictureInfoTag();
\brief Get the local fanart for this item if it exists
\return path to the local fanart for this item, or empty if none exists
\sa GetFolderThumb, GetTBNFile
CStdString GetLocalFanart() const;
// Gets the .tbn file associated with this item
CStdString GetTBNFile() const;
// Gets the folder image associated with this item (defaults to folder.jpg)
CStdString GetFolderThumb(const CStdString &folderJPG = "folder.jpg") const;
// Gets the correct movie title
CStdString GetMovieName(bool bUseFolderNames = false) const;
/*! \brief Find the base movie path (i.e. the item the user expects us to use to lookup the movie)
For folder items, with "use foldernames for lookups" it returns the folder.
Regardless of settings, for VIDEO_TS/BDMV it returns the parent of the VIDEO_TS/BDMV folder (if present)
\param useFolderNames whether we're using foldernames for lookups
\return the base movie folder
CStdString GetBaseMoviePath(bool useFolderNames) const;
static bool testGetBaseMoviePath();
// Gets the user thumb, if it exists
CStdString GetUserVideoThumb() const;
CStdString GetUserMusicThumb(bool alwaysCheckRemote = false) const;
/*! \brief Get the path where we expect local metadata to reside.
For a folder, this is just the existing path (eg tvshow folder)
For a file, this is the parent path, with exceptions made for VIDEO_TS and BDMV files
Three cases are handled:
/foo/bar/movie_name/file_name -> /foo/bar/movie_name/
/foo/bar/movie_name/VIDEO_TS/file_name -> /foo/bar/movie_name/
/foo/bar/movie_name/BDMV/file_name -> /foo/bar/movie_name/
\sa URIUtils::GetParentPath
CStdString GetLocalMetadataPath() const;
// finds a matching local trailer file
CStdString FindTrailer() const;
virtual bool LoadMusicTag();
/* returns the content type of this item if known. will lookup for http streams */
const CStdString& GetMimeType(bool lookup = true) const;
/* sets the mime-type if known beforehand */
void SetMimeType(const CStdString& mimetype) { m_mimetype = mimetype; } ;
/* general extra info about the contents of the item, not for display */
void SetExtraInfo(const CStdString& info) { m_extrainfo = info; };
const CStdString& GetExtraInfo() const { return m_extrainfo; };
/*! \brief Update an item with information from another item
We take metadata information from the given item and supplement the current item
with that info. If tags exist in the new item we use the entire tag information.
Properties are appended, and labels, thumbnail and icon are updated if non-empty
in the given item.
\param item the item used to supplement information
\param replaceLabels whether to replace labels (defaults to true)
void UpdateInfo(const CFileItem &item, bool replaceLabels = true);
bool IsSamePath(const CFileItem *item) const;
bool IsAlbum() const;
bool m_bIsShareOrDrive; ///< is this a root share/drive
int m_iDriveType; ///< If \e m_bIsShareOrDrive is \e true, use to get the share type. Types see: CMediaSource::m_iDriveType
CDateTime m_dateTime; ///< file creation date & time
int64_t m_dwSize; ///< file size (0 for folders)
CStdString m_strDVDLabel;
CStdString m_strTitle;
int m_iprogramCount;
int m_idepth;
int m_lStartOffset;
int m_lStartPartNumber;
int m_lEndOffset;
LockType m_iLockMode;
CStdString m_strLockCode;
int m_iHasLock; // 0 - no lock 1 - lock, but unlocked 2 - locked
int m_iBadPwdCount;
CStdString m_strPath; ///< complete path to item
SortSpecial m_specialSort;
bool m_bIsParentFolder;
bool m_bCanQueue;
bool m_bLabelPreformated;
CStdString m_mimetype;
CStdString m_extrainfo;
MUSIC_INFO::CMusicInfoTag* m_musicInfoTag;
CVideoInfoTag* m_videoInfoTag;
CPictureInfoTag* m_pictureInfoTag;
bool m_bIsAlbum;
\brief A shared pointer to CFileItem
\sa CFileItem
typedef boost::shared_ptr<CFileItem> CFileItemPtr;
\brief A vector of pointer to CFileItem
\sa CFileItem
typedef std::vector< CFileItemPtr > VECFILEITEMS;
\brief Iterator for VECFILEITEMS
\sa CFileItemList
typedef std::vector< CFileItemPtr >::iterator IVECFILEITEMS;
\brief A map of pointers to CFileItem
\sa CFileItem
typedef std::map<CStdString, CFileItemPtr > MAPFILEITEMS;
\brief Iterator for MAPFILEITEMS
typedef std::map<CStdString, CFileItemPtr >::iterator IMAPFILEITEMS;
\brief Pair for MAPFILEITEMS
typedef std::pair<CStdString, CFileItemPtr > MAPFILEITEMSPAIR;
typedef bool (*FILEITEMLISTCOMPARISONFUNC) (const CFileItemPtr &pItem1, const CFileItemPtr &pItem2);
typedef void (*FILEITEMFILLFUNC) (CFileItemPtr &item);
\brief Represents a list of files
\sa CFileItemList, CFileItem
class CFileItemList : public CFileItem
CFileItemList(const CStdString& strPath);
virtual ~CFileItemList();
virtual void Archive(CArchive& ar);
CFileItemPtr operator[] (int iItem);
const CFileItemPtr operator[] (int iItem) const;
CFileItemPtr operator[] (const CStdString& strPath);
const CFileItemPtr operator[] (const CStdString& strPath) const;
void Clear();
void ClearItems();
void Add(const CFileItemPtr &pItem);
void AddFront(const CFileItemPtr &pItem, int itemPosition);
void Remove(CFileItem* pItem);
void Remove(int iItem);
CFileItemPtr Get(int iItem);
const CFileItemPtr Get(int iItem) const;
CFileItemPtr Get(const CStdString& strPath);
const CFileItemPtr Get(const CStdString& strPath) const;
int Size() const;
bool IsEmpty() const;
void Append(const CFileItemList& itemlist);
void Assign(const CFileItemList& itemlist, bool append = false);
bool Copy (const CFileItemList& item);
void Reserve(int iCount);
void Sort(SORT_METHOD sortMethod, SortOrder sortOrder);
void Randomize();
void FillInDefaultIcons();
int GetFolderCount() const;
int GetFileCount() const;
int GetSelectedCount() const;
int GetObjectCount() const;
void FilterCueItems();
void RemoveExtensions();
void SetFastLookup(bool fastLookup);
bool Contains(const CStdString& fileName) const;
bool GetFastLookup() const { return m_fastLookup; };
/*! \brief stack a CFileItemList
By default we stack all items (files and folders) in a CFileItemList
\param stackFiles whether to stack all items or just collapse folders (defaults to true)
\sa StackFiles,StackFolders
void Stack(bool stackFiles = true);
SortOrder GetSortOrder() const { return m_sortOrder; }
SORT_METHOD GetSortMethod() const { return m_sortMethod; }
/*! \brief load a CFileItemList out of the cache
The file list may be cached based on which window we're viewing in, as different
windows will be listing different portions of the same URL (eg viewing music files
versus viewing video files)
\param windowID id of the window that's loading this list (defaults to 0)
\return true if we loaded from the cache, false otherwise.
\sa Save,RemoveDiscCache
bool Load(int windowID = 0);
/*! \brief save a CFileItemList to the cache
The file list may be cached based on which window we're viewing in, as different
windows will be listing different portions of the same URL (eg viewing music files
versus viewing video files)
\param windowID id of the window that's saving this list (defaults to 0)
\return true if successful, false otherwise.
\sa Load,RemoveDiscCache
bool Save(int windowID = 0);
void SetCacheToDisc(CACHE_TYPE cacheToDisc) { m_cacheToDisc = cacheToDisc; }
bool CacheToDiscAlways() const { return m_cacheToDisc == CACHE_ALWAYS; }
bool CacheToDiscIfSlow() const { return m_cacheToDisc == CACHE_IF_SLOW; }
/*! \brief remove a previously cached CFileItemList from the cache
The file list may be cached based on which window we're viewing in, as different
windows will be listing different portions of the same URL (eg viewing music files
versus viewing video files)
\param windowID id of the window whose cache we which to remove (defaults to 0)
\sa Save,Load
void RemoveDiscCache(int windowID = 0) const;
bool AlwaysCache() const;
void Swap(unsigned int item1, unsigned int item2);
/*! \brief Update an item in the item list
\param item the new item, which we match based on path to an existing item in the list
\return true if the item exists in the list (and was thus updated), false otherwise.
bool UpdateItem(const CFileItem *item);
void AddSortMethod(SORT_METHOD method, int buttonLabel, const LABEL_MASKS &labelMasks);
bool HasSortDetails() const { return m_sortDetails.size() != 0; };
const std::vector<SORT_METHOD_DETAILS> &GetSortDetails() const { return m_sortDetails; };
/*! \brief Specify whether this list should be sorted with folders separate from files
By default we sort with folders listed (and sorted separately) except for those sort modes
which should be explicitly sorted with folders interleaved with files (eg SORT_METHOD_FILES).
With this set the folder state will be ignored, allowing folders and files to sort interleaved.
\param sort whether to ignore the folder state.
void SetSortIgnoreFolders(bool sort) { m_sortIgnoreFolders = sort; };
bool GetReplaceListing() const { return m_replaceListing; };
void SetReplaceListing(bool replace);
void SetContent(const CStdString &content) { m_content = content; };
const CStdString &GetContent() const { return m_content; };
void ClearSortState();
void FillSortFields(FILEITEMFILLFUNC func);
CStdString GetDiscFileCache(int windowID) const;
\brief stack files in a CFileItemList
\sa Stack
void StackFiles();
\brief stack folders in a CFileItemList
\sa Stack
void StackFolders();
bool m_fastLookup;
SORT_METHOD m_sortMethod;
SortOrder m_sortOrder;
bool m_sortIgnoreFolders;
CACHE_TYPE m_cacheToDisc;
bool m_replaceListing;
CStdString m_content;
std::vector<SORT_METHOD_DETAILS> m_sortDetails;
CCriticalSection m_lock;
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