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.\" DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE! It was generated by help2man 1.36.
.TH XBMC-WIIREMOTE "1" "July 2009" "xbmc-wiiremote " "User Commands"
xbmc-wiiremote \- Wiimote Remote Control Client for XBMC
This script is the XBMC remote control client that will allow XBMC to be
controlled by a Wiimote.
.SS "Arguments:"
\fB\-\-address\fR ADDRESS
\fB\-\-port\fR PORT
\fB\-\-btaddr\fR MACADDRESS
\fB\-\-deadzone\-x\fR DEADX
| Number between 0 \- 100 (Default: 50)
\fB\-\-deadzone\-y\fR DEADY
| Number between 0 \- 100 (Default: 30)
\fB\-\-deadzone\fR DEAD
| Sets both X and Y too the number
\fB\-\-smoothing\-samples\fR SAMPLE
| Number 1 counts as Off (Default: 16)
\fB\-\-joystick\-map\fR JOYMAP
| The string ID for the joymap (Default: WiiRemote)
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