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SET cur_dir=%CD%
SET base_dir=%cur_dir%\..\..
SET groovy_dir=%base_dir%\lib\groovy
SET generator_dir=%base_dir%\tools\codegenerator
SET bin_dir=%cur_dir%\..\BuildDependencies\bin
rem go into xbmc/interfaces/python
cd "%1\..\python"
SET python_dir=%CD%
SET python_generated_dir=%python_dir%\generated
SET doxygen_dir=%python_generated_dir%\doxygenxml
SET swig_dir=%python_dir%\..\swig
rem make sure all necessary directories exist and delete any old generated files
IF NOT EXIST "%python_generated_dir%" md "%python_generated_dir%"
IF EXIST "%python_generated_dir%\%2.xml" del "%python_generated_dir%\%2.xml"
IF EXIST "%python_generated_dir%\%2.cpp" del "%python_generated_dir%\%2.cpp"
IF NOT EXIST "%doxygen_dir%" md "%doxygen_dir%"
rem run doxygen
"%bin_dir%\doxygen\doxygen.exe" > NUL 2>&1
rem run swig to generate the XML used by groovy to generate the python bindings
"%bin_dir%\swig\swig.exe" -w401 -c++ -outdir "%python_generated_dir%" -o "%python_generated_dir%\%2.xml" -xml -I"%base_Dir%\xbmc" -xmllang python "%swig_dir%\%2.i"
rem run groovy to generate the python bindings
java.exe -cp "%groovy_dir%\groovy-all-1.8.4.jar;%groovy_dir%\commons-lang-2.6.jar;%generator_dir%;%python_dir%" groovy.ui.GroovyMain "%generator_dir%\Generator.groovy" "%python_generated_dir%\%2.xml" "%python_dir%\PythonSwig.cpp.template" "%python_generated_dir%\%2.cpp" "%doxygen_dir%"
rem delete the XML file generated by SWIG as it's not needed anymore
del "%python_generated_dir%\%2.xml" > NUL
rem delete the generated doxygen files
rmdir "%doxygen_dir%" /S /Q > NUL
rem go back to the initial directory
cd "%cur_dir%"
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