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#pragma once
* Copyright (C) 2005-2012 Team XBMC
* This Program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This Program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with XBMC; see the file COPYING. If not, see
* <>.
#include <climits>
#include <cmath>
#include <vector>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "MediaSource.h"
// A list of filesystem types for LegalPath/FileName
#define LEGAL_NONE 0
#define LEGAL_WIN32_COMPAT 1
#define LEGAL_FATX 2
namespace XFILE
class IFileCallback;
class CFileItem;
class CFileItemList;
class CURL;
struct sortstringbyname
bool operator()(const CStdString& strItem1, const CStdString& strItem2)
CStdString strLine1 = strItem1;
CStdString strLine2 = strItem2;
strLine1 = strLine1.ToLower();
strLine2 = strLine2.ToLower();
return strcmp(strLine1.c_str(), strLine2.c_str()) < 0;
class CUtil
virtual ~CUtil(void);
static bool GetVolumeFromFileName(const CStdString& strFileName, CStdString& strFileTitle, CStdString& strVolumeNumber);
static void CleanString(const CStdString& strFileName, CStdString& strTitle, CStdString& strTitleAndYear, CStdString& strYear, bool bRemoveExtension = false, bool bCleanChars = true);
static CStdString GetTitleFromPath(const CStdString& strFileNameAndPath, bool bIsFolder = false);
static void GetQualifiedFilename(const CStdString &strBasePath, CStdString &strFilename);
static void RunShortcut(const char* szPath);
static void GetHomePath(CStdString& strPath, const CStdString& strTarget = "XBMC_HOME");
static bool IsPVR(const CStdString& strFile);
static bool IsHTSP(const CStdString& strFile);
static bool IsLiveTV(const CStdString& strFile);
static bool IsTVRecording(const CStdString& strFile);
static bool ExcludeFileOrFolder(const CStdString& strFileOrFolder, const CStdStringArray& regexps);
static void GetFileAndProtocol(const CStdString& strURL, CStdString& strDir);
static int GetDVDIfoTitle(const CStdString& strPathFile);
static bool IsPicture(const CStdString& strFile);
/*! \brief retrieve MD5sum of a file
\param strPath - path to the file to MD5sum
\return md5 sum of the file
static CStdString GetFileMD5(const CStdString& strPath);
static bool GetDirectoryName(const CStdString& strFileName, CStdString& strDescription);
static void GetDVDDriveIcon( const CStdString& strPath, CStdString& strIcon );
static void RemoveTempFiles();
static void ClearTempFonts();
static void ClearSubtitles();
static void ScanForExternalSubtitles(const CStdString& strMovie, std::vector<CStdString>& vecSubtitles );
static int ScanArchiveForSubtitles( const CStdString& strArchivePath, const CStdString& strMovieFileNameNoExt, std::vector<CStdString>& vecSubtitles );
static bool FindVobSubPair( const std::vector<CStdString>& vecSubtitles, const CStdString& strIdxPath, CStdString& strSubPath );
static bool IsVobSub( const std::vector<CStdString>& vecSubtitles, const CStdString& strSubPath );
static int64_t ToInt64(uint32_t high, uint32_t low);
static CStdString GetNextFilename(const CStdString &fn_template, int max);
static CStdString GetNextPathname(const CStdString &path_template, int max);
static void Tokenize(const CStdString& path, std::vector<CStdString>& tokens, const std::string& delimiters);
static void StatToStatI64(struct _stati64 *result, struct stat *stat);
static void Stat64ToStatI64(struct _stati64 *result, struct __stat64 *stat);
static void StatI64ToStat64(struct __stat64 *result, struct _stati64 *stat);
static void Stat64ToStat(struct stat *result, struct __stat64 *stat);
#ifdef _WIN32
static void Stat64ToStat64i32(struct _stat64i32 *result, struct __stat64 *stat);
static bool CreateDirectoryEx(const CStdString& strPath);
#ifdef _WIN32
static CStdString MakeLegalFileName(const CStdString &strFile, int LegalType=LEGAL_WIN32_COMPAT);
static CStdString MakeLegalPath(const CStdString &strPath, int LegalType=LEGAL_WIN32_COMPAT);
static CStdString MakeLegalFileName(const CStdString &strFile, int LegalType=LEGAL_NONE);
static CStdString MakeLegalPath(const CStdString &strPath, int LegalType=LEGAL_NONE);
static CStdString ValidatePath(const CStdString &path, bool bFixDoubleSlashes = false); ///< return a validated path, with correct directory separators.
static bool IsUsingTTFSubtitles();
/*! \brief Split a comma separated parameter list into separate parameters.
Takes care of the case where we may have a quoted string containing commas, or we may
have a function (i.e. parentheses) with multiple parameters as a single parameter.
foo, bar(param1, param2), foo
will return:
"foo", "bar(param1, param2)", and "foo".
\param paramString the string to break up
\param parameters the returned parameters
static void SplitParams(const CStdString &paramString, std::vector<CStdString> &parameters);
static void SplitExecFunction(const CStdString &execString, CStdString &function, std::vector<CStdString> &parameters);
static int GetMatchingSource(const CStdString& strPath, VECSOURCES& VECSOURCES, bool& bIsSourceName);
static CStdString TranslateSpecialSource(const CStdString &strSpecial);
static void DeleteDirectoryCache(const CStdString &prefix = "");
static void DeleteMusicDatabaseDirectoryCache();
static void DeleteVideoDatabaseDirectoryCache();
static CStdString MusicPlaylistsLocation();
static CStdString VideoPlaylistsLocation();
static bool SetSysDateTimeYear(int iYear, int iMonth, int iDay, int iHour, int iMinute);
static int GMTZoneCalc(int iRescBiases, int iHour, int iMinute, int &iMinuteNew);
static void GetSkinThemes(std::vector<CStdString>& vecTheme);
static void GetRecursiveListing(const CStdString& strPath, CFileItemList& items, const CStdString& strMask, bool bUseFileDirectories=false);
static void GetRecursiveDirsListing(const CStdString& strPath, CFileItemList& items);
static void ForceForwardSlashes(CStdString& strPath);
static double AlbumRelevance(const CStdString& strAlbumTemp1, const CStdString& strAlbum1, const CStdString& strArtistTemp1, const CStdString& strArtist1);
static bool MakeShortenPath(CStdString StrInput, CStdString& StrOutput, int iTextMaxLength);
static bool SupportsFileOperations(const CStdString& strPath);
static CStdString GetDefaultFolderThumb(const CStdString &folderThumb);
static bool TestSplitExec();
static bool TestGetQualifiedFilename();
static bool TestMakeLegalPath();
static void InitRandomSeed();
// Get decimal integer representation of roman digit, ivxlcdm are valid
// return 0 for other chars;
static int LookupRomanDigit(char roman_digit);
// Translate a string of roman numerals to decimal a decimal integer
// return -1 on error, valid range is 1-3999
static int TranslateRomanNumeral(const char* roman_numeral);
#ifdef _LINUX
// this will run the command using sudo in a new process.
// the user that runs xbmc should be allowed to issue the given sudo command.
// in order to allow a user to run sudo without supplying the password you'll need to edit sudoers
// # sudo visudo
// and add a line at the end defining the user and allowed commands
static bool SudoCommand(const CStdString &strCommand);
// Forks to execute a shell command.
static bool Command(const CStdStringArray& arrArgs, bool waitExit = false);
// Forks to execute an unparsed shell command line.
static bool RunCommandLine(const CStdString& cmdLine, bool waitExit = false);
static CStdString ResolveExecutablePath();
static CStdString GetFrameworksPath(bool forPython = false);
static bool CanBindPrivileged();
* \brief Thread-safe random number generation
static int GetRandomNumber();
#if !defined(TARGET_WINDOWS)
static unsigned int s_randomSeed;
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