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"maxReviewers": 3,
"numFilesToCheck": 5,
"message": "@pullRequester, thank you for improving Kodi! According to the last 5 commits, we found the potential reviewers: @reviewers. Final approval needs to be given by the component maintainer.",
"findPotentialReviewers": true,
"userBlacklist": [ "FernetMenta" ],
"userBlacklistForPR": [],
"requiredOrgs": [],
"actions": ["opened"],
"skipAlreadyAssignedPR": true,
"skipAlreadyMentionedPR": true,
"assignToReviewer": false,
"skipTitle": "",
"withLabel": "",
"delayed": false,
"delayedUntil": "2h",
"skipCollaboratorPR": false