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* Copyright (C) 2005-2018 Team Kodi
* This file is part of Kodi -
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
* See LICENSES/ for more information.
#include "Artist.h"
#include "ServiceBroker.h"
#include "settings/AdvancedSettings.h"
#include "settings/SettingsComponent.h"
#include "utils/XMLUtils.h"
#include <algorithm>
void CArtist::MergeScrapedArtist(const CArtist& source, bool override /* = true */)
Initial scraping of artist information when the mbid is derived from tags is done directly
using that ID, otherwise the lookup is based on name and can mis-identify the artist
(many have same name). It is useful to store the scraped mbid, but we need to be
able to correct any mistakes. Hence a manual refresh of artist information uses either
the mbid is derived from tags or the artist name, not any previously scraped mbid.
A Musicbrainz artist ID derived from music file tags is always taken as accurate and so can
not be overwritten by a scraped value. When the artist does not already have an mbid or has
a previously scraped mbid, merge the new scraped value, flagging it as being from the
scraper rather than derived from music file tags.
if (!source.strMusicBrainzArtistID.empty() && (strMusicBrainzArtistID.empty() || bScrapedMBID))
strMusicBrainzArtistID = source.strMusicBrainzArtistID;
bScrapedMBID = true;
if ((override && !source.strArtist.empty()) || strArtist.empty())
strArtist = source.strArtist;
if ((override && !source.strSortName.empty()) || strSortName.empty())
strSortName = source.strSortName;
strType = source.strType;
strGender = source.strGender;
strDisambiguation = source.strDisambiguation;
genre = source.genre;
strBiography = source.strBiography;
styles = source.styles;
moods = source.moods;
instruments = source.instruments;
strBorn = source.strBorn;
strFormed = source.strFormed;
strDied = source.strDied;
strDisbanded = source.strDisbanded;
yearsActive = source.yearsActive;
thumbURL = source.thumbURL; // Available remote thumbs
fanart = source.fanart; // Available remote fanart
// Current artwork - thumb, fanart etc., to be stored in art table
if (!
art =;
discography = source.discography;
bool CArtist::Load(const TiXmlElement *artist, bool append, bool prioritise)
if (!artist) return false;
if (!append)
const std::string itemSeparator = CServiceBroker::GetSettingsComponent()->GetAdvancedSettings()->m_musicItemSeparator;
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "name", strArtist);
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "musicBrainzArtistID", strMusicBrainzArtistID);
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "sortname", strSortName);
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "type", strType);
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "gender", strGender);
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "disambiguation", strDisambiguation);
XMLUtils::GetStringArray(artist, "genre", genre, prioritise, itemSeparator);
XMLUtils::GetStringArray(artist, "style", styles, prioritise, itemSeparator);
XMLUtils::GetStringArray(artist, "mood", moods, prioritise, itemSeparator);
XMLUtils::GetStringArray(artist, "yearsactive", yearsActive, prioritise, itemSeparator);
XMLUtils::GetStringArray(artist, "instruments", instruments, prioritise, itemSeparator);
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "born", strBorn);
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "formed", strFormed);
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "biography", strBiography);
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "died", strDied);
XMLUtils::GetString(artist, "disbanded", strDisbanded);
size_t iThumbCount = thumbURL.m_url.size();
std::string xmlAdd = thumbURL.m_xml;
// Available artist thumbs
const TiXmlElement* thumb = artist->FirstChildElement("thumb");
while (thumb)
if (prioritise)
std::string temp;
temp << *thumb;
xmlAdd = temp+xmlAdd;
thumb = thumb->NextSiblingElement("thumb");
// prefix thumbs from nfos
if (prioritise && iThumbCount && iThumbCount != thumbURL.m_url.size())
thumbURL.m_xml = xmlAdd;
// Discography
const TiXmlElement* node = artist->FirstChildElement("album");
while (node)
const TiXmlNode* title = node->FirstChild("title");
if (title && title->FirstChild())
std::string strTitle = title->FirstChild()->Value();
std::string strYear;
const TiXmlNode* year = node->FirstChild("year");
if (year && year->FirstChild())
strYear = year->FirstChild()->Value();
discography.emplace_back(strTitle, strYear);
node = node->NextSiblingElement("album");
// Available artist fanart
const TiXmlElement *fanart2 = artist->FirstChildElement("fanart");
if (fanart2)
// we prefix to handle mixed-mode nfo's with fanart set
if (prioritise)
std::string temp;
temp << *fanart2;
fanart.m_xml = temp+fanart.m_xml;
fanart.m_xml << *fanart2;
// Current artwork - thumb, fanart etc. (the chosen art, not the lists of those available)
node = artist->FirstChildElement("art");
if (node)
const TiXmlNode *artdetailNode = node->FirstChild();
while (artdetailNode && artdetailNode->FirstChild())
art.insert(make_pair(artdetailNode->ValueStr(), artdetailNode->FirstChild()->ValueStr()));
artdetailNode = artdetailNode->NextSibling();
return true;
bool CArtist::Save(TiXmlNode *node, const std::string &tag, const std::string& strPath)
if (!node) return false;
// we start with a <tag> tag
TiXmlElement artistElement(tag.c_str());
TiXmlNode *artist = node->InsertEndChild(artistElement);
if (!artist) return false;
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "name", strArtist);
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "musicBrainzArtistID", strMusicBrainzArtistID);
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "sortname", strSortName);
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "type", strType);
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "gender", strGender);
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "disambiguation", strDisambiguation);
XMLUtils::SetStringArray(artist, "genre", genre);
XMLUtils::SetStringArray(artist, "style", styles);
XMLUtils::SetStringArray(artist, "mood", moods);
XMLUtils::SetStringArray(artist, "yearsactive", yearsActive);
XMLUtils::SetStringArray(artist, "instruments", instruments);
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "born", strBorn);
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "formed", strFormed);
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "biography", strBiography);
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "died", strDied);
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "disbanded", strDisbanded);
// Available thumbs
if (!thumbURL.m_xml.empty())
const TiXmlNode* thumb = doc.FirstChild("thumb");
while (thumb)
thumb = thumb->NextSibling("thumb");
XMLUtils::SetString(artist, "path", strPath);
// Available fanart
if (fanart.m_xml.size())
// Discography
for (const auto& it : discography)
// add a <album> tag
TiXmlElement cast("album");
TiXmlNode *node = artist->InsertEndChild(cast);
TiXmlElement title("title");
TiXmlNode *titleNode = node->InsertEndChild(title);
TiXmlText name(it.first);
TiXmlElement year("year");
TiXmlNode *yearNode = node->InsertEndChild(year);
TiXmlText name2(it.second);
return true;
void CArtist::SetDateAdded(const std::string& strDateAdded)
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