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Merge pull request #1554 from koying/taglibcover

FIX: Taglib: Problem reading embedded covers
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commit 17cf5e46cf807e2f661ba94c7213894f62c34ccc 2 parents 6e71862 + ce3f4ce
@night199uk night199uk authored
Showing with 1 addition and 2 deletions.
  1. +1 −2  xbmc/music/tags/TagLoaderTagLib.cpp
3  xbmc/music/tags/TagLoaderTagLib.cpp
@@ -365,10 +365,9 @@ bool CTagLoaderTagLib::ParseID3v2Tag(ID3v2::Tag *id3v2, EmbeddedArt *art, CMusic
string mime = pictures[i]->mimeType().toCString();
TagLib::uint size = pictures[i]->picture().size();
- uint8_t* data = (uint8_t*) pictures[i]->picture().data();
tag.SetCoverArtInfo(size, mime);
if (art)
- art->set(data, size, mime);
+ art->set((const uint8_t*)pictures[i]->picture().data(), size, mime);
// Stop after we find the first picture for now.
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