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added: update taglib instructions for quantal

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@@ -58,14 +58,19 @@ In this case you will have to manually compile the latest version.
# make
# sudo make install
-We currently need a version of taglib that has not been packaged yet. We supply a Makefile in
-lib/taglib to make it easy to install into /usr/local until it is available in apt.
+For >= 12.10
+ # sudo apt-get install libtag1-dev
+For <= 12.04
+We need a new version of taglib than what is available. We supply a Makefile in
+lib/taglib to make it easy to install into /usr/local.
# make -C lib/taglib
# sudo make -C lib/taglib install
Unless you are proficient with how linux libraries and versions work, do not
-try to provide it yourself.
+try to provide it yourself, as you will likely mess up for other programs.
3.2. Use a single command to get all build dependencies

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