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Merge pull request #2757 from FernetMenta/pvrstream

pvr: fix channel switch for addons using other stream
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commit 2ccc82cfd2a683c63cdba82415f083c31142374b 2 parents f0f4def + 2e18d81
Rainer Hochecker FernetMenta authored
5 xbmc/cores/dvdplayer/DVDInputStreams/DVDInputStreamPVRManager.cpp
@@ -315,8 +315,9 @@ CDVDInputStream::ENextStream CDVDInputStreamPVRManager::NextStream()
m_eof = IsEOF();
- if (m_pOtherStream)
- return m_pOtherStream->NextStream();
+ CDVDInputStream::ENextStream next;
+ if (m_pOtherStream && ((next = m_pOtherStream->NextStream()) != NEXTSTREAM_NONE))
+ return next;
else if(m_pFile->SkipNext())
if (m_eof)
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