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[AE/CA] - if m_volume of the stream is set (e.x. <= 1.0) we have to a…

…pply the softvolume to the stream. Before we only applied the volume on crossfade. Unfortunatly the fade was finished before the stream was finished - so the last frames of the sream during crossfade had full volume applied (you can imagine how this disturbs the fading ;) ).
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1 parent 4709873 commit 35db51612ffee0c505cc4365a07438808b4b6a19 @Memphiz Memphiz committed
5 xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Engines/CoreAudio/CoreAudioAEStream.cpp
@@ -490,7 +490,10 @@ unsigned int CCoreAudioAEStream::GetFrames(uint8_t *buffer, unsigned int size)
if (m_volume <= m_fadeTarget)
m_fadeRunning = false;
+ }
+ if (m_volume < 1.0f)
+ {
#ifdef __SSE__
CAEUtil::SSEMulArray(floatBuffer, m_volume, samples);

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