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cosmetics: remove unused old code from CGUIWindowSettingsCategory

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1 parent 5ff5731 commit 434d8c3580fe53c3f0ac073e59c16d78330e619e @Montellese Montellese committed
Showing with 0 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +0 −7 xbmc/settings/windows/GUIWindowSettingsCategory.h
7 xbmc/settings/windows/GUIWindowSettingsCategory.h
@@ -79,13 +79,6 @@ class CGUIWindowSettingsCategory
virtual void OnClick(BaseSettingControlPtr pSettingControl);
- /* TODO
- void OnRefreshRateChanged(RESOLUTION resolution);
- void FillInResolutions(CStdString strSetting, DisplayMode mode, RESOLUTION res, bool UserChange);
- void FillInRefreshRates(CStdString strSetting, RESOLUTION res, bool UserChange);
- */
CSettingSection* GetSection(int windowID) const;
BaseSettingControlPtr GetSettingControl(const std::string &setting);
BaseSettingControlPtr GetSettingControl(int controlId);

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