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[doxygen] improve coding guidelines for header includes

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1 parent 2a680ac commit 79df0b004570da4957f3ab338da2a7eee51c2a7e @MartijnKaijser MartijnKaijser committed Dec 3, 2016
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@@ -61,9 +61,11 @@ class ILogger
Included header files `*.h`, are to sort alphabetical to prevent double used file
definition and allow better overview
-- On cpp define used header first to confirm needed headers are present on them itself
-- As next use the global system headers e.g. `<cassert>` or `"system.h"`
-- Then insert all the headers needed for the file itself
+- Header file corresponding to this cpp file
+- C system files
+- C++ system files
+- Other libraries' header files
+- Own header files
#include "PVRManager.h"

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