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[gles] fixed, m_iVSyncMode var in two places with different type, opp…

…s. pick one, please
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1 parent 5dc1030 commit 8d2e0fe0d3cd5592765910de545ff471c90cea8c @davilla davilla committed
9 xbmc/windowing/egl/WinSystemEGL.cpp
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ CWinSystemEGL::CWinSystemEGL() : CWinSystemBase()
m_config = NULL;
m_egl = NULL;
- m_iVSyncMode = false;
+ m_iVSyncMode = 0;
@@ -384,9 +384,12 @@ bool CWinSystemEGL::PresentRenderImpl(const CDirtyRegionList &dirty)
void CWinSystemEGL::SetVSyncImpl(bool enable)
- m_iVSyncMode = enable;
- if (!m_egl->SetVSync(m_display, m_iVSyncMode))
+ m_iVSyncMode = enable ? 10:0;
@jmarshallnz Owner

Is 10 intentional?

@theuni Owner
theuni added a note

No, that's testing code from a long time ago. Should of course be 0/1.

But EGL does allow for this to be set to higher than 1, it's basically a vblank timing divisor.

davilla added a note

darwin uses 10, it comes from x11 stuff, I'm not sure wtf 10 means anymore. It was needed with darwin when I changes osx and added ios, so I did the same here until someone figures out what these magic things really means and creates a proper enum for them.

davilla added a note

@theuni , not here, in the actual m_egl->SetVSync code which only checks the value of the bool and sets the sync to 0 or 1. That 0 or 1 is the vblank timing divisor, for example 2 is also valid.... on some platforms.

@popcornmix Collaborator

Could we make m_iVSyncMode default to enabled?
Currently the "let driver choose" option for vsync leaves it disabled which seems inappropriate for any EGL platform, which are generally low powered devices that won't want to render faster than vsync.

davilla added a note

pivos does that in the packaging steps. we hate ifdefs :)

@popcornmix Collaborator

But does it need an ifdef? Does anyone want it to be disabled?

davilla added a note

maybe windows breaks if vsync is enabled ? who know, you are asking for a platform change here, so it needs to be checked and verified on all platforms that it might effect.

@theuni Owner
theuni added a note

Looks like each renderer has its own definition of vsyncmode. In the case of gles, it appears as though we only test whether it's non-null or not. Am I missing something else?

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+ if (!m_egl->SetVSync(m_display, enable))
+ {
+ m_iVSyncMode = 0;
CLog::Log(LOGERROR, "%s,Could not set egl vsync", __FUNCTION__);
+ }
void CWinSystemEGL::ShowOSMouse(bool show)
1  xbmc/windowing/egl/WinSystemEGL.h
@@ -75,7 +75,6 @@ class CWinSystemEGL : public CWinSystemBase, public CRenderSystemGLES
EGLConfig m_config;
CEGLWrapper *m_egl;
- bool m_iVSyncMode;
std::string m_extensions;

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