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1 parent 12d2195 commit 93e8a520f0966748315e0025aa7de4c7122af577 @DDDamian DDDamian committed Sep 29, 2012
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  1. +0 −2 xbmc/cores/AudioEngine/Utils/AEUtil.cpp
@@ -37,8 +37,6 @@ unsigned int CAEUtil::m_seed = (unsigned int)(CurrentHostCounter() / 1000.0f);
CAEChannelInfo CAEUtil::GuessChLayout(const unsigned int channels)
- CLog::Log(LOGWARNING, "CAEUtil::GuessChLayout - This method should really never be used, please fix the code that called this");
CAEChannelInfo result;
if (channels < 1 || channels > 8)
return result;

2 comments on commit 93e8a52

gnif commented on 93e8a52 Oct 1, 2012

This should be reverted, as the warning states, this method should never be used, it is making assumptions about the audio channel layout. This method was a stop-gap measure until all the codecs were updated to support reporting the channel mapping during early stages of development, if anything is calling this method it should be fixed.

In short, the warning is there for a reason, please put it back.

davilla commented on 93e8a52 Oct 1, 2012


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