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[WIN32] fixed: don't copy skins via BuildSetup.bat. They're provided …

…via their own build.bat
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commit 98731b14a4e161f973fe8c9ec231c92566476f56 1 parent 18eef75
@wsoltys wsoltys authored
Showing with 3 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +3 −4 project/Win32BuildSetup/BuildSetup.bat
7 project/Win32BuildSetup/BuildSetup.bat
@@ -217,10 +217,9 @@ IF %comp%==vs2010 (
Echo addons\visualization.fishbmc\>>exclude.txt
Echo addons\visualization.projectm\>>exclude.txt
Echo addons\visualization.glspectrum\>>exclude.txt
- rem Exclude skins if not present
- IF NOT EXIST addons\skin.touched\addon.xml (
- Echo addons\skin.touched\>>exclude.txt
- )
+ rem Exclude skins as they're copied by their own script
+ Echo addons\skin.touched\>>exclude.txt
+ Echo addons\skin.confluence\>>exclude.txt
rem other platform stuff
Echo lib-osx>>exclude.txt
Echo players\mplayer>>exclude.txt

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