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[pgs/subs] - fix pgs subs vanishing to early by initialising the pkt_…

…timebase which was introduced in ffmpeg bump and which is used internally for calculating the pts of the pgs subs now
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commit 98fcac9a9db0fe373e9900919507a88d465d7168 1 parent ad5e4ab
@Memphiz Memphiz authored
2  xbmc/cores/dvdplayer/DVDCodecs/Overlay/DVDOverlayCodecFFmpeg.cpp
@@ -63,6 +63,8 @@ bool CDVDOverlayCodecFFmpeg::Open(CDVDStreamInfo &hints, CDVDCodecOptions &optio
m_pCodecContext->codec_tag = hints.codec_tag;
m_pCodecContext->time_base.num = 1;
m_pCodecContext->time_base.den = DVD_TIME_BASE;
+ m_pCodecContext->pkt_timebase.num = 1;
+ m_pCodecContext->pkt_timebase.den = DVD_TIME_BASE;
if( hints.extradata && hints.extrasize > 0 )
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