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droid: changed, make sure we start with clean dirs before packaging t…

…o avoid including stale items
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1 parent e48b8f9 commit a59f822e2b1e762207a4d043ecc9561c922afade @davilla davilla committed Dec 29, 2013
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@@ -556,10 +556,10 @@ ifeq ($(findstring osx,@ARCH@), osx)
install: install-binaries install-arch install-datas
-apk: install
+apk: uninstall apk-clean install
make -C tools/android/packaging
make -C tools/android/packaging clean
install-binaries: install-scripts

3 comments on commit a59f822

Team Kodi member

uninstall -> rm -rf $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/xbmc
pvr addons are installed in $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/xbmc/addons for droid

So this leads to pvr addons not being packaged anymore on droid


when are they installed ?

Team Kodi member
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