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Don't leave failed fileop jobs in the processing list.

We want to remove fileop jobs from the queue regardless of whether they
were successful or not.  Otherwise we crash on the next call to
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1 parent 15f4449 commit a8a9bb8c891082edfb70d71688aa53b4117c8a9c @t-nelson t-nelson committed
Showing with 1 addition and 2 deletions.
  1. +1 −2 xbmc/windows/GUIWindowFileManager.cpp
3 xbmc/windows/GUIWindowFileManager.cpp
@@ -1178,8 +1178,7 @@ void CGUIWindowFileManager::OnJobComplete(unsigned int jobID, bool success, CJob
CApplicationMessenger::Get().SendGUIMessage(msg, GetID(), false);
- if (success)
- CJobQueue::OnJobComplete(jobID, success, job);
+ CJobQueue::OnJobComplete(jobID, success, job);
void CGUIWindowFileManager::ShowShareErrorMessage(CFileItem* pItem)

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