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fixed: platforms previously building without sdl and with HAS_XBMC_MU…

…TEX were broken by 846506d.

Remove the now-useless check.
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1 parent fd61729 commit bb73b9e3278f81b0e663beadf92c6e89ff2b786c theuni committed
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  1. +0 −2 xbmc/Application.h
2 xbmc/Application.h
@@ -339,11 +339,9 @@ class CApplication : public CXBApplicationEx, public IPlayerCallback, public IMs
bool m_bTestMode;
bool m_bSystemScreenSaverEnable;
-#if defined(HAS_SDL) || defined(HAS_XBMC_MUTEX)
int m_frameCount;
CCriticalSection m_frameMutex;
XbmcThreads::ConditionVariable m_frameCond;
void Mute();
void UnMute();

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