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Revert "[cmake/win32] Don't use system wide installed dependencies"

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1 parent 0e77f1c commit d03edfa57155777b88c1eb7c70b208e023f863ed @Paxxi Paxxi committed on GitHub Jan 11, 2017
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@@ -18,12 +18,6 @@ list(APPEND CMAKE_SYSTEM_PREFIX_PATH ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/project/BuildDependenci
set(PYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/project/BuildDependencies/include/python)
-# The find_* functions prefer PATH over CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH for dependencies.
-# Emptying PATH so that system installed libraries (MySql, Python) are not picked up.
-# The VS/bin directory has to be in PATH for example for NMake.
# -------- Compiler options ---------

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