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fixed broken build from 5ca72db

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1 parent 975adef commit d274a2d761382806217e71075547764a1b1c9349 @davilla davilla committed
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 xbmc/cores/amlplayer/AMLPlayer.cpp
2 xbmc/cores/amlplayer/AMLPlayer.cpp
@@ -1800,7 +1800,7 @@ int CAMLPlayer::UpdatePlayerInfo(int pid, player_info_t *info)
// we get called when status changes or after update time expires.
// static callback from libamplayer, since it does not pass an opaque,
// we have to retreve our player class reference the hard way.
- CAMLPlayer *amlplayer = boost::dynamic_cast<CAMLPlayer*>(g_application.m_pPlayer);
+ boost::shared_ptr<CAMLPlayer> amlplayer = boost::dynamic_pointer_cast<CAMLPlayer>(g_application.m_pPlayer);
if (amlplayer)
CSingleLock lock(amlplayer->m_aml_state_csection);

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