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[win] changed crystalhd to use NV12 or YUY2 for windows platform

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1 parent 96881a3 commit d7ea9a08bdcc7adcf8f2eb812a61a5a5af06687b @davilla davilla committed Jul 27, 2011
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  1. +1 −1 xbmc/cores/dvdplayer/DVDCodecs/Video/CrystalHD.cpp
@@ -771,7 +771,7 @@ bool CMPCOutputThread::GetDecoderOutput(void)
if (!pBuffer)
// No free pre-allocated buffers so make one
-#ifdef _WIN32
+#ifdef 0
// force Windows to use YV12 until DX renderer gets NV12 or YUY2 capability.
pBuffer = new CPictureBuffer(DVDVideoPicture::FMT_YUV420P, m_width, m_height);

4 comments on commit d7ea9a0


Does this work? IIRC it wasn't but I hoped this to be implemented by CrystalP :)


This breaks Visual Studio 2010. Line 774 generates an error:
d:\dev\git\xbmc-jr\xbmc\cores\dvdplayer\dvdcodecs\video\crystalhd.cpp(774): fatal error C1016: #if[n]def expected an identifier


if 0...


yup, did the implementation some months back but it wasn't activated. We'll see what happens.
Build fixed in 33fcf32.

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