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Merge pull request #4004 from wsoltys/buildsys2

[WIN32] buildsystem fixes
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wsoltys committed Jan 10, 2014
2 parents 18eef75 + acd012d commit deb47e94bf57036b844fd2e317746bae33794215
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  1. +3 −4 project/Win32BuildSetup/BuildSetup.bat
  2. +6 −5 tools/buildsteps/win32/prepare-env.bat
@@ -217,10 +217,9 @@ IF %comp%==vs2010 (
Echo addons\visualization.fishbmc\>>exclude.txt
Echo addons\visualization.projectm\>>exclude.txt
Echo addons\visualization.glspectrum\>>exclude.txt
- rem Exclude skins if not present
- IF NOT EXIST addons\skin.touched\addon.xml (
- Echo addons\skin.touched\>>exclude.txt
- )
+ rem Exclude skins as they're copied by their own script
+ Echo addons\skin.touched\>>exclude.txt
+ Echo addons\skin.confluence\>>exclude.txt
rem other platform stuff
Echo lib-osx>>exclude.txt
Echo players\mplayer>>exclude.txt
@@ -2,17 +2,18 @@
ECHO Workspace is %WORKSPACE%
-rem git clean the untracked files but not the directories
-rem to keep the downloaded dependencies
-rem we assume git in path as this is a requirement
+rem clean the BUILD_WIN32 at first to avoid problems with possible git files in there
+IF EXIST %WORKSPACE%\project\Win32BuildSetup\BUILD_WIN32 rmdir %WORKSPACE%\project\Win32BuildSetup\BUILD_WIN32 /S /Q
+rem we assume git in path as this is a requirement
+rem git clean the untracked files and directories
+rem but keep the downloaded dependencies
ECHO running git clean -xfd -e "project/BuildDependencies/downloads" -e "project/BuildDependencies/downloads2"
git clean -xfd -e "project/BuildDependencies/downloads" -e "project/BuildDependencies/downloads2"
rem cleaning additional directories
ECHO delete build directories
-IF EXIST %WORKSPACE%\project\Win32BuildSetup\BUILD_WIN32 rmdir %WORKSPACE%\project\Win32BuildSetup\BUILD_WIN32 /S /Q
IF EXIST %WORKSPACE%\project\Win32BuildSetup\dependencies rmdir %WORKSPACE%\project\Win32BuildSetup\dependencies /S /Q
IF EXIST %WORKSPACE%\project\BuildDependencies\include rmdir %WORKSPACE%\project\BuildDependencies\include /S /Q

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