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fixed, validate extradata before dereferencing it

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commit e4c9e8c6e5088e471c4f5a1ff28ac3f486685c46 1 parent f5ff739
@davilla davilla authored
2  xbmc/cores/dvdplayer/DVDCodecs/Video/DVDVideoCodecAmlogic.cpp
@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ bool CDVDVideoCodecAmlogic::Open(CDVDStreamInfo &hints, CDVDCodecOptions &option
m_pFormatName = "am-h264";
// convert h264-avcC to h264-annex-b as h264-avcC
// under streamers can have issues when seeking.
- if (*(uint8_t*)m_hints.extradata == 1)
+ if (m_hints.extradata && *(uint8_t*)m_hints.extradata == 1)
m_bitstream = new CBitstreamConverter;
m_bitstream->Open(m_hints.codec, (uint8_t*)m_hints.extradata, m_hints.extrasize, true);
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