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[lang] missing confluence home menu Dutch translations

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1 parent f50d7b6 commit ed2390f0823e6ec673884c72f0f93ff86adf285d @Voyager1 Voyager1 committed
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  1. +40 −0 addons/skin.confluence/language/Dutch/strings.po
40 addons/skin.confluence/language/Dutch/strings.po
@@ -539,3 +539,43 @@ msgstr "Weersvoorspelling ophalen..."
msgctxt "#31910"
msgid "Map & Alerts"
msgstr "Kaart & Waarschuwingen"
+msgctxt "#31950"
+msgid "WEATHER"
+msgstr "WEER"
+msgctxt "#31951"
+msgid "PICTURES"
+msgctxt "#31952"
+msgid "LIVE TV"
+msgstr "LIVE TV"
+msgctxt "#31953"
+msgid "VIDEOS"
+msgstr "VIDEO'S"
+msgctxt "#31954"
+msgid "MOVIES"
+msgstr "SPEELFILMS"
+msgctxt "#31955"
+msgid "TV SHOWS"
+msgstr "TV-SERIES"
+msgctxt "#31956"
+msgid "MUSIC"
+msgstr "MUZIEK"
+msgctxt "#31957"
+msgid "PROGRAMS"
+msgstr "PROGRAMMA'S"
+msgctxt "#31958"
+msgid "PLAY DISC"
+msgctxt "#31959"
+msgid "SYSTEM"
+msgstr "SYSTEEM"

2 comments on commit ed2390f

Team Kodi member

everyone my apologies - I just realized I should have done this via Transifex... am looking now how I can do that.

Team Kodi member

No problem. Just see this page:
I see you already signed up on Transifex. I added you as a coordinator of the Dutch translation team.


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