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[rbp/omxplayer] reverted e08fee3 the PI firmware handles this now.

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1 parent e475404 commit f868fc4808e19bee60d7a83e8aa5f09b3bc861c2 @huceke huceke committed
Showing with 0 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +0 −4 xbmc/cores/omxplayer/OMXVideo.cpp
4 xbmc/cores/omxplayer/OMXVideo.cpp
@@ -709,10 +709,6 @@ int COMXVideo::Decode(uint8_t *pData, int iSize, double dts, double pts)
if( m_drop_state )
return true;
- // avi files with packed B frames have "not-coded" dummy frames that decoder doesn't like
- if (m_codingType == OMX_VIDEO_CodingMPEG4 && iSize <= 7)
- return true;
unsigned int demuxer_bytes = (unsigned int)iSize;
uint8_t *demuxer_content = pData;

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