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compilations node in the music library returned all albums, rather th…

…an just compilation albums. fixes #13825 #13825. Thanks to Xycl.
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commit f92ecf8043c1d5e413640b72e8efed9309423763 1 parent a320786
Jonathan Marshall authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  xbmc/music/MusicDatabase.cpp
2  xbmc/music/MusicDatabase.cpp
@@ -4053,7 +4053,7 @@ bool CMusicDatabase::GetCompilationAlbums(const CStdString& strBaseDir, CFileIte
musicUrl.AddOption("compilation", true);
Filter filter;
- return GetAlbumsByWhere(strBaseDir, filter, items);
+ return GetAlbumsByWhere(musicUrl.ToString(), filter, items);
bool CMusicDatabase::GetCompilationSongs(const CStdString& strBaseDir, CFileItemList& items)
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