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[pvr] fixed - don't check whether a file exists, just set the channel…

… thumb and removed wrong check. fixes missing icons after updates on the backend
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1 parent f679b31 commit fef3f3a439ab187972ddb59548cd9e2af1d1675f @opdenkamp opdenkamp committed Oct 27, 2012
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  1. +0 −4 xbmc/pvr/channels/PVRChannel.cpp
4 xbmc/pvr/channels/PVRChannel.cpp
@@ -309,10 +309,6 @@ bool CPVRChannel::SetIconPath(const CStdString &strIconPath, bool bIsUserSetIcon
CSingleLock lock(m_critSection);
- /* check if the path is valid */
- if (!CFile::Exists(strIconPath) && !strIconPath.IsEmpty())
- return false;
if (m_strIconPath != strIconPath)
/* update the path */

4 comments on commit fef3f3a

Team Kodi member

Thats wrong as well. I have png channel icons. In CPVRChannelGroup::SearchAndSetChannelIcons you first set the icons with the tbn extension. Since you don't check anymore if the file exist SetIconPath returns true for the tbn extension but won't find it.

Team Kodi member

Wouldn't it be cleaner to flag CPVRChannelGroup::SearchAndSetChannelIcons() as bIsUserDefinedIcon?

Team Kodi member

we don't want to use these autodetected ones as fixed values, so this should be fine

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