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Commits on Sep 4, 2015
  1. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #5329 from wsnipex/binary_addon_depends

    Montellese authored
    [binary addons] move RSXS and some visualizations to binary addons
  2. @phil65

    Merge pull request #7958 from mkortstiege/confluence-cleanup

    phil65 authored
    [confluence] remove obsolete windows from visible condition
  3. @da-anda

    Merge pull request #7936 from NedScott/context_menu_keymap

    da-anda authored
    Fix < menu > for Android and linux
  4. @NedScott

    Fix "menu" button for Android and linux.

    NedScott authored
    < menu > on Android and Linux normally defaults to context menu, but this broke when < menu > was added to the global section of keyboard.xml (nearly all remotes on Android are seen as keyboards). This restores the previous behavior.
  5. @notspiff @wsnipex
  6. @wsnipex
  7. @wsnipex
  8. @wsnipex
  9. @wsnipex
  10. @Montellese @wsnipex
  11. @wsnipex

    remove visualizations fishbmc, goom, milkdrop, projectm, spectrum, vo…

    wsnipex authored
    …rtex and waveform from tree
  12. @wsnipex

    remove rsxs from tree

    wsnipex authored
  13. @wsnipex

    [binary addons] add visualizations fishbmc, goom, milkdrop, milkdrop2…

    wsnipex authored
    …, projectm, spectrum, vortex and waveform
  14. @wsnipex
  15. @notspiff @wsnipex

    added: special setting __addonpath__ to libXBMC_addon::GetSettings()

    notspiff authored wsnipex committed
    returns the path for an addon
  16. @mkortstiege
  17. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #7956 from MilhouseVH/fix_db_ver_96

    Montellese authored
    [videodatabase] Fix database version after #7561
Commits on Sep 3, 2015
  1. @MilhouseVH
  2. @mkortstiege

    [videodatabase] fix typo

    mkortstiege authored
  3. @jenkins4kodi
  4. @jenkins4kodi
  5. @ace20022
  6. @Montellese
Commits on Sep 2, 2015
  1. @jenkins4kodi
  2. @Montellese
  3. @hudokkow
  4. @ronie
  5. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #7739 from Razzeee/music-album-artist-dateadded

    Montellese authored
    musicdb: added max dateAdded to artistview and albumview
  6. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #7944 from mkortstiege/info-dialog-cleanup

    mkortstiege authored
    [videoinfodialog] cleanup obsolete and dupe code
  7. @jenkins4kodi
  8. @ronie

    Merge pull request #7857 from Razzeee/hide-unused-image

    ronie authored
    [Confluence] Hide unused image when showing tracks
  9. @Razzeee
  10. @Razzeee
  11. @Razzeee
  12. @Razzeee
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