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Commits on Apr 18, 2015
  1. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #6972 from Montellese/videodb_files_delete_trigger

    Montellese authored
    videodb: add a delete trigger for the files table
  2. @jenkins4kodi
  3. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #6975 from mkortstiege/fix-oninfo

    mkortstiege authored
    [video] no need to re-fetch (and stack) directory in case we already kno...
  4. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #6976 from Shine-/fixes

    FernetMenta authored
    Prevent mistimed subtitles when using <latency> advanced setting
  5. @mkortstiege
  6. @ronie

    [Confluence] last updated label

    ronie authored
  7. Don't delay subtitles by display latency

    Shine authored
  8. @tamland

    Merge pull request #6836 from tamland/addonbrowser2

    tamland authored
    [addons] adjustments and fixes to new manager layout
  9. @tamland
  10. @tamland
  11. @tamland

    addonbrowser: disable broken/foreign filters outside of repository

    tamland authored
    no need to have filters for short lists. just causing confusion
  12. @tamland
  13. @tamland
  14. @tamland
  15. @tamland
  16. @tamland
  17. @tamland

    addonbrowser: improve performance of orphan filtering

    tamland authored
    GetAllAddons is slow. avoid calling it for every addon we check
  18. @tamland
  19. @tamland

    addonbrowser: improve 'running addons'. check with script invocation …

    tamland authored
    …manager if service is actually running
  20. @tamland

    Merge pull request #6557 from tamland/uisound_addons

    tamland authored
    UI sounds addons
  21. @jenkins4kodi
  22. @jenkins4kodi
  23. @tamland

    addonbrowser: add 'Updated' window property containing the last datet…

    tamland authored
    …ime repositories was checked for updates
  24. @jenkins4kodi
  25. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #6968 from Montellese/fix_musiclibrary_showallitem…

    mkortstiege authored
    settings: fix position of musiclibrary.showallitems setting
  26. @Montellese
  27. @mkortstiege

    [videodatabase] fix 'replace file names with library titles' not work…

    mkortstiege authored
    …ing for episodes in directories
Commits on Apr 17, 2015
  1. @popcornmix

    Merge pull request #6961 from popcornmix/mmal_updates

    popcornmix authored
    [rbp/mmal] A collection of MMAL fixes from newclock4
  2. @jenkins4kodi
  3. @popcornmix
  4. @popcornmix
  5. @popcornmix
  6. @popcornmix
  7. @popcornmix
  8. @popcornmix
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