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Commits on Feb 13, 2016
  1. @fetzerch

    Merge pull request #9083 from fetzerch/cmake-master

    fetzerch committed
    [cmake] CMake based buildsystem
Commits on Feb 12, 2016
  1. @ksooo

    Merge pull request #9117 from ksooo/pvr-fix-recordings-nonflat-view

    ksooo committed
    [PVR] Recordings window: Fix recordings in folders not displayed
  2. @ksooo
  3. @notspiff @fetzerch

    fixed: tear down settings environment in xbmc-test

    notspiff committed with fetzerch
    somehow things break if this is done in the global's destructors.
    makes test-execution almost deterministic
  4. @afedchin @fetzerch

    [SystemGlobals] make sure what CSectionLoader instance still alive be…

    afedchin committed with fetzerch
    …fore destruct any global variable which extends from DllDynamic (as an example g_curlInstance).
    There is a potential problem of accessing the object after it has been destroyed. This only happens if you access the object from the destructor of another global variable (by global, I am referring to any non-local static variable).
    The solution is to make sure that you force the order of destruction. The order of destruction is the exact inverse of the order of construction. So if you access the object in your destructor, you must guarantee that the object has not been destroyed. To do this, you must just guarantee that the object is fully constructed before the calling object is constructed.
  5. @afedchin @fetzerch

    [win32] fix manifest to properly load msvcr90.dll required for python…

    afedchin committed with fetzerch
    … before it will try to initialize.
  6. @fetzerch
  7. @fetzerch
  8. @fetzerch

    [cmake] Add define BUILDING_WITH_CMAKE for Windows

    fetzerch committed
    This adds a define BUILDING_WITH_CMAKE that allows to differentiate the
    build system and have CMake specific adaptions in the code.
    This allows to:
    - Use the CMake options to conditionally enable/disable features.
    - Get rid of the #pragma comment(lib *) directives and properly link
      found libraries.
    This define is just there for the transitional phase. Once the VS
    project is dropped the define gives a good indication where legacy code
    can be removed.
    Additionally remove 2 unused defines from system.h:
  9. @fetzerch
  10. @fetzerch
  11. @fetzerch

    [cmake] Add CMake files to lib

    fetzerch committed
    Add CMakeLists.txt for the lib directory.
    - lib/addons
    - UnrarXLib
    - libUPnP
    - libexif
  12. @fetzerch

    [cmake] Add CMake files to tools/depends

    fetzerch committed
    Add CMakeLists.txt and find modules for dependencies.
    - OSXRemote
    - JsonSchemaBuilder
    - TexturePacker
    - libsquish
    - crossguid
    - ffmpeg
  13. @fetzerch
  14. @fetzerch

    [cmake] Add treedata

    fetzerch committed
    Configures subdirectories used for the different platforms.
  15. @fetzerch

    [cmake] Add main CMake file

    fetzerch committed
  16. @fetzerch

    [cmake] Add FindXXX.cmake modules

    fetzerch committed
    Add CMake find modules for finding dependencies.
  17. @fetzerch
  18. @fetzerch
  19. @fetzerch

    [EndianSwap] Fix include config.h in EndianSwap.h

    fetzerch committed with fetzerch
    Inclusion of config.h is usually guarded by '#if (defined HAVE_CONFIG_H) && (!defined TARGET_WINDOWS)'.
    In EndianSwap.h it is not which can lead to inclusion of any config.h found in the include directories.
  20. @fetzerch

    [EventClient]: Fix ambigious symbol error

    fetzerch committed with fetzerch
    Fixes warning with Visual Studio 2013:
    EventClient.cpp(240) : error C2872: 'PT_MOUSE' : ambiguous symbol
      could be 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\8.1\include\um\winuser.h(5980)
      or 'xbmc\network\EventPacket.h(150): EVENTPACKET::PacketType PT_MOUSE'
  21. @fetzerch

    [win32/PlatformDefs.h] Compatibility with VS2013

    fetzerch committed with fetzerch
    Starting with Visual Studio 2013 (_MSC_VER 1800) there is built-in support
    for va_copy and strtoll. Therefore the compatibility macros only need to
    be defined for older versions.
    This commit fixes warnings/errors that occur when headers are included in
    a different order:
    - Including PlatformDefs.h before stdarg.h causes:
      C4005: 'va_copy': macro redefinition
    - Including PlatformDefs.h before stdlib.h causes:
      C2039: 'strtoll': is not a member of '`global namespace`'
      C2873: 'strtoll': symbol cannot be used in using-declaration
Commits on Feb 11, 2016
  1. @Razzeee

    Merge pull request #9096 from Razzeee/refresh-lists-stop

    Razzeee committed
    Refresh lists on playcount update
  2. @fritsch

    Merge pull request #9106 from fritsch/aesinkpausetimer

    fritsch committed
    AESinkAUDIOTrack: Use a more intelligent pause timer
  3. @ksooo

    Merge pull request #9107 from ksooo/fix-misc-compiler-warnings

    ksooo committed
    Fix misc compiler warnings
  4. @hudokkow
  5. @popcornmix

    Merge pull request #9079 from popcornmix/mmaldrop

    popcornmix committed
    MMALCodec: Set dropped flag on output pictures when input requested that
  6. @ksooo

    Merge pull request #9105 from ksooo/pvr-encapsulate-recording-path

    ksooo committed
    [PVR] Refactor: Encapsulate recording path
  7. @hudokkow
  8. @HitcherUK

    Merge pull request #7215 from phil65/rem_startup_playlist

    HitcherUK committed
    It's gone. Thanks.
  9. @phil65

    Merge pull request #8722 from phil65/addonmanager_icons

    phil65 committed
    [guilib] add defaulticons for addonmanager root
  10. @Razzeee @ksooo

    [VS] project files update

    Razzeee committed with ksooo
  11. @ksooo

    [xcode] project files update

    ksooo committed
  12. @ksooo

    [PVR] Encapsulate recordings path.

    ksooo committed
  13. @ksooo

    Fixed a bunch of compiler warnings: wrong member init order, signed/u…

    ksooo committed
    …nsigned mismatches, operator && vs || priority, unused variables
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