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Mar 17, 2012

  1. Revert "removed: unneeded check"

    This reverts commit fa91ae6.
    bobo1on1 authored
  2. Revert "oops"

    This reverts commit 95e613d.
    bobo1on1 authored
  3. oops

    bobo1on1 authored
  4. removed: unneeded check

    bobo1on1 authored
  5. fixed: compiler warning

    bobo1on1 authored
  6. fixed: check libpng version only once

    bobo1on1 authored
  7. added: support building cximage with libpng 1.5.

    thanks to zenkibou / whoever is the original downstream (gentoo) dev.
    closes ticket #12001
    spiff authored bobo1on1 committed
  8. Matthias Kortstiege

    fixed: do not append the hosts ip address to our upnp server name (th…

    …e friendly name already takes care of it)
    mkortstiege authored
  9. python should not add or remove guicontrols without going through the…

    … app messenger. fixes #12791
    Jonathan Marshall authored

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  11. ability to send guimessages via the application messenger

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  12. Michal Piechowiak

    there should be at least 1 item per page in container

    fixes crash when using wraplist with focusedlayout size greater than container size
    pieh authored
  13. add system.haspvr infobool so skins can tell if they're running a pvr…

    … build
    Jonathan Marshall authored
  14. add pvrmanager.enabled setting (non-GUI) that returns false to reduce…

    … log-spam in skins designed for both PVR and mainline.
    Jonathan Marshall authored
  15. Anssi Hannula

    fixed: SQLite database copying debug log message

    In the SQLite "Copying from x to y" debug log message "x" and "y" are
    mixed up. Fix it by swapping them.
    anssih authored

Mar 16, 2012

  1. ignore the forced_aspect hint if aspect is 0 when extracting video fr…

    …ames. Fixes #12805
    Jonathan Marshall authored
  2. ensure CGUITextureManager::m_texturePaths is protected as it's access…

    …ed off thread. Fixes #12804
    Jonathan Marshall authored
  3. Anssi Hannula

    fixed: don't load non-matching archived subtitles (fixes #12719)

    Commit ea87f7e ("removed subtitle caching as it was only needed
    on xbox, partialy takes care of #9736.") mistakenly removed the filename
    check for subtitles in zip or rar archives, causing any subtitle file
    inside archives to be loaded.
    Fix that by re-adding a filename check into
    anssih authored
  4. Memphiz

    [ios/atv2] - no white screen of death for ios/atv2 - so don't start w…

    …ith windowed mode (doesn't do anything with current code, but will speed up things when tvout is added)
    Memphiz authored
  5. Sascha Montellese

    [win32] add pythreadstate.h to the VS project

    Montellese authored
  6. correct fix for f8187cf

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  7. fixed: Deadlock with some addons. Should remedy #12282 (patch is cour…

    …tesy of jfcaroll)
    arnova authored
  8. fixed: Python deadlock with dialogs (part of ticket #12282) - followu…

    …p (thanks JM)
    arnova authored
  9. CrystalP

    Fix cddb info parsing (fixes #12801)

    Revert problems introduced by commit 50c678:
    - Track title was always nulled, not zero-terminated
    - Track artist copy was not against proper bounds
    CrystalP authored
  10. CrystalP

    [WIN] device notifications - third time's the charm

    CrystalP authored
  11. CrystalP

    [WIN] more informative message for old CHD driver

    CrystalP authored
  12. CrystalP

    [WIN] fix dereference of a NULL lParam for DBT_DEVNODES_CHANGED

    CrystalP authored

Mar 15, 2012

  1. HTML tags are case-insensitive, so use case-insensitive regexps to ma…

    …tch them
    Jonathan Marshall authored
  2. large file size shouldn't be capped at 2.0GB on systems with 32bit longs

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  3. Jezz

    Added: [Confluence] bd25 and bd50 as valid strings in a filename to d…

    …isplay the bluray logo in the skin
    JezzX authored
  4. fixed: Python deadlock with dialogs (part of ticket #12282) (thanks JM)

    arnova authored
  5. Jezz

    Changes/Fixed: Show the "None" option when selecting multiple add-on …

    …types with Skin.SetAddon() command (thanks jmarshall)
    JezzX authored
  6. davilla

    [osx] fix release build and packaging, yes I really, really tested th…

    …is to make sure it works
    davilla authored
  7. CrystalP

    Merge pull request #763 from CrystalP/fix-chdwin

    Fix CrystalHD for Windows
    CrystalP authored
  8. CrystalP

    [WIN] fail CHD codec for AVC1 when driver is too old

    CrystalP authored
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