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Commits on Feb 5, 2016
  1. @hudokkow

    Merge pull request #9058 from tamland/travis_tests

    hudokkow committed
    [travis] build and run tests
  2. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #9054 from MartijnKaijser/9052

    MartijnKaijser committed
    FIX: [longpress] do not repeat long presses
  3. @stefansaraev

    Merge pull request #9055 from ace20022/remove_giflib

    stefansaraev committed
     [guilib][depends] Remove libgif from core.
  4. @ace20022
  5. @ace20022
  6. @tamland

    [travis] build and run tests

    tamland committed
  7. @ace20022

    Merge pull request #8937 from ace20022/ffmpeg_apng

    ace20022 committed
    [guilib] Add animated image/texture support via ffmpeg.
  8. @ronie

    Merge pull request #8778 from ronie/confluence-flip

    ronie committed
    [Confluence] fix size & position of mirrored image
  9. @ronie

    Merge pull request #9002 from ronie/confluence-rds

    ronie committed
    [Confluence] fix radio channels background
  10. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #9040 from fritsch/ffmpeg-2.8.6

    MartijnKaijser committed
    FFmpeg: Bump to 2.8.6-Jarvis-rc2
  11. @garbear
  12. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #9053 from fritsch/fix-demuxer

    FernetMenta committed
    VideoPlayer: Check demuxer before accessing it
Commits on Feb 4, 2016
  1. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #9049 from FernetMenta/vplayer2

    FernetMenta committed
    VideoPlayer: audio fixes / improvements
  2. @koying @MartijnKaijser
  3. @fritsch
  4. @fritsch

    Merge pull request #9050 from codesnake/aml_display_mode

    fritsch committed
    [aml] Simplify display mode handling and make it work correctly for kernels >= 3.14
  5. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #9035 from FernetMenta/render

    FernetMenta committed
    RenderSystem - cleanup
  6. @FernetMenta
  7. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #9047 from hudokkow/thebutler

    MartijnKaijser committed
    [travis-ci] Add travis linux support
  8. @FernetMenta

    AE: detect messy timestamps (mkvmerge) and increase interval for aver…

    FernetMenta committed
    …age error calculation if pts jumps
  9. @FernetMenta
  10. @FernetMenta

    RenderSystem - cleanup

    FernetMenta committed
  11. @hudokkow
  12. @hudokkow

    Add travis linux support

    hudokkow committed
  13. @ace20022
  14. @ace20022
  15. @ace20022
  16. @ace20022
  17. @ace20022

    [dialogs] Use g_advancedSettings.m_pictureExtensions instead of hard …

    ace20022 committed with ace20022
    …coded list for image selection.
  18. @ace20022
  19. @codesnake

    [aml] Simplify display mode handling and make it work correctly for k…

    codesnake committed
    …ernels >= 3.14
    Since kernel 3.14 Amlogic changed some of the display mode IDs, e.g.
    before kernel 3.14 1080p 60Hz display mode had an ID of 1080p, but
    in kernel 3.14 it was changed to 1080p60hz. This commit allows
    to handle display modes for all Amlogic kernels in universal way.
  20. @fritsch

    Merge pull request #9038 from fritsch/androidtest

    fritsch committed
    AESinkAudiotrack: Ask Android for the format IDs
  21. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #9043 from popcornmix/ffmpegrefcount

    MartijnKaijser committed
    DVDVideoCodecFFmpeg: Enable refcounted frames
Commits on Feb 3, 2016
  1. @popcornmix

    DVDVideoCodecFFmpeg: Enable refcounted frames

    popcornmix committed
    Without this frames will get (deep) copied when deinterlace is set to automatic,
    but file is not deinterlaced.
    For 1080p24 that costs 150MB/s of memory bandwidth which is very expensive.
  2. @fritsch
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