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Commits on Apr 20, 2015
  1. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #6988 from FernetMenta/menu

    FernetMenta authored
    dvdplayer: do not check buffering levels while in dvd menu
  2. @xhaggi

    Merge pull request #6990 from xhaggi/builtin-fix-nullpointer

    xhaggi authored
    [builtins] fix bad access if GetWindow() is called with virtual window id
  3. @xhaggi

    Merge pull request #6940 from Glenn-1990/pvr_fix

    xhaggi authored
    [PVR] fix timersettings dialog
  4. @Paxxi

    Merge pull request #6951 from Paxxi/video_scanner

    Paxxi authored
    Don't treat smb connections to same machine as a local path
  5. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #6971 from FernetMenta/sync4

    FernetMenta authored
    dvdplayer: reduce time for initial audio sync
  6. @tamland

    Merge pull request #6973 from tamland/li-finishtime

    tamland authored
    [infomanager] add listitem.endtime support for video items
  7. @xhaggi

    [gui] move check of active modals before opening a new window from CB…

    xhaggi authored
    …uiltins to CGUIWindowManager
  8. @tamland
  9. @Paxxi
  10. @Jalle19

    Merge pull request #6989 from scarecrow420/pvr.wmc_bump0.5.3

    Jalle19 authored
    [pvr] Bump pvr.wmc to version 0.5.3 (PVR API 1.9.6)
  11. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #6982 from FernetMenta/aefix

    FernetMenta authored
    AE: only push valid buffers to m_discardBufferPools, fix segfault on clo...
  12. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #6978 from FernetMenta/flush

    FernetMenta authored
    dvdplayer: proper flush when triggering resync after a stall
  13. @scarecrow420
  14. @da-anda

    Merge pull request #6928 from da-anda/got-to-hell-separator

    da-anda authored
    [settings] only add separator for the very first group item if required
  15. @FernetMenta
  16. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #6865 from FernetMenta/clock

    FernetMenta authored
    dvdplayer: protect live streams from stalling
  17. @fritsch

    Merge pull request #6984 from fritsch/volume-fix

    fritsch authored
    Application: Show passthrough indicator in passthrough mode
  18. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #6979 from mkortstiege/fix-switch-player

    mkortstiege authored
    [switchplayer] fix multiple ghost choices in contextmenu
  19. @fritsch
Commits on Apr 19, 2015
  1. @ronie
  2. @hudokkow

    Merge pull request #6983 from hudokkow/typo

    hudokkow authored
    [VideoSyncIos.h] Typo
  3. @hudokkow

    [VideoSyncIos.h] Typo

    hudokkow authored
  4. @FernetMenta

    AE: only push valid buffers to m_discardBufferPools, fix segfault on …

    FernetMenta authored
    …close right after open of stream
  5. @koying

    Merge pull request #6981 from koying/quickPR

    koying authored
    FIX: passthrough volume warning no longer showed (fixes #15925)
  6. @koying
  7. @mkortstiege
  8. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #6965 from mkortstiege/fix-cap-apostrophes

    mkortstiege authored
    [stringutils] do not capitalize after apostrophes
Commits on Apr 18, 2015
  1. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #6972 from Montellese/videodb_files_delete_trigger

    Montellese authored
    videodb: add a delete trigger for the files table
  2. @jenkins4kodi
  3. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #6975 from mkortstiege/fix-oninfo

    mkortstiege authored
    [video] no need to re-fetch (and stack) directory in case we already kno...
  4. @FernetMenta
  5. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #6976 from Shine-/fixes

    FernetMenta authored
    Prevent mistimed subtitles when using <latency> advanced setting
  6. @mkortstiege
  7. @ronie

    [Confluence] last updated label

    ronie authored
  8. Don't delay subtitles by display latency

    Shine authored
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