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Commits on Aug 31, 2015
  1. @jenkins4kodi
  2. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #7904 from anaconda/vclean-keep-empty-series

    MartijnKaijser authored
    [videodb] Never clean empty TV shows if the path still exists.
  3. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #7912 from mkortstiege/nuke-std_namespace

    MartijnKaijser authored
    [core] use std:: instead of using namespace std
  4. @phil65
  5. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #7889 from arnova/articles_ignore_case

    MartijnKaijser authored
    changed: When matching articles, ignore their case
  6. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #7895 from vapier/master

    MartijnKaijser authored use portable printf
  7. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #7899 from hudokkow/groovy

    MartijnKaijser authored
    [groovy] Update groovy to 2.4.4 and move to tools/codegenerator/
  8. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #7160 from mk01/master_SAR_cec

    MartijnKaijser authored
    [CEC] change bool setting "pause playback on changing source" into
  9. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #7855 from afedchin/stereo_controls

    MartijnKaijser authored
    [GUI] New <depth> tag for stereoscopic effect for controls.
  10. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #7937 from MartijnKaijser/16.0a3

    MartijnKaijser authored
    set version to 16.0a3
  11. @jenkins4kodi
  12. @MartijnKaijser

    set version to 16.0a3

    MartijnKaijser authored
  13. @Montellese
  14. @Montellese
  15. @ksooo

    Merge pull request #7933 from Paxxi/pvrchannelgroup

    ksooo authored
    [PVR] Fix: Change parameter to CPVRChannelPtr
  16. @Paxxi

    Fix: Change parameter to CPVRChannelPtr

    Paxxi authored
    These methods are only called with CPVRChannelPtr and currently
    being implicitly converted to CFileItem just to access the original
  17. @Montellese

    CVideoLibraryRefreshingJob: ditch m_showDialogs in favor of CProgress…

    Montellese authored Montellese committed
  18. @jenkins4kodi
  19. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #7927 from mkortstiege/fix-buttonlabel2

    mkortstiege authored
    [guilib] fix button label2 not updated after emptying
  20. @ksooo

    Merge pull request #7929 from metaron-uk/searchMenu

    ksooo authored
    [PVR] Search context menu crash fix + 'play recording' context option
  21. @ksooo

    Merge pull request #7923 from janbar/dont_show_inactive_timer_in_epg

    ksooo authored
    [PVR][fix] Don't show 'will record' in EPG for inactive schedule
Commits on Aug 30, 2015
  1. @ksooo

    Merge pull request #7875 from metaron-uk/timeVis

    ksooo authored
    [PVR] Timer settings dialog: Start/End display fix
  2. @metaron-uk
  3. @metaron-uk
  4. @mkortstiege
  5. fixed: Enable retry without range set for e.g. broken HDHomerun serve…

    arnova authored
    …rs (fixes #14204)
  6. @janbar

    [PVR] Don't show 'will record' in EPG for inactive schedule

    janbar authored
    Disabled or inactive schedule won't record. So no longer show in EPG as 'will record'.
    Also replace magic number by its definition PVR_TIMER_NO_PARENT.
Commits on Aug 29, 2015
  1. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #7864 from evilhamster/trac_16114

    MartijnKaijser authored
    Updated addsong to check for iTrack aswell when checking for duplicates.
  2. @Memphiz

    Merge pull request #7775 from xbmc/revert-7604-xbmchelper64

    Memphiz authored
    Revert "[osx/XBMCHelper] - compile XBMCHelper as 64bit"
  3. @mkortstiege

    Merge pull request #7909 from ace20022/ae_cp

    mkortstiege authored
    [ae] Fix copy-paste-error.
  4. @Paxxi

    Merge pull request #7906 from Paxxi/appmsg

    Paxxi authored
    [xbmc][appmessenger] Fixed broken switch statement and moved it to it's own method to cut …
  5. @mkortstiege
  6. @mkortstiege
  7. @mkortstiege
  8. @mkortstiege
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