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Commits on Oct 26, 2013
@popcornmix popcornmix Remove unnecessary gl ifdef
I'm not sure why this was originally added.
I couldn't think of a reason why the Pi would want things done differently here,
so I tried without the ifdef. I can't see any difference in behaviour,
so I think we're better off removing it.
@elupus elupus dvdplayer: move CanSeek/CanPause to seekable interface 5d3f9cb
@elupus elupus dvdplayer: disable seeking and pause for udp/rtp and seek for tcp dd6209b
@whaupt whaupt dvdplayer: move navigator state into IMenus 2a284eb
@ScudLee ScudLee Re-get details from nfo file after advancing to first episodedetails 3738408
@ulion ulion Fix color index overflow by reuse existed color in the vector. Fix #1…
@ulion ulion [OSX] Fix always on top after restore from fullscreen. c347f4a
@ulion ulion Fix undefined reference caused by wrong detection of gcc builtin atom…
…ic functions.
@ulion ulion avoid detect folder.jpg under 'add' item. 4f0b344
@ulion ulion Check exists before listing dir, to avoid produce error log, fix #14210 e6a3ead
@bobo1on1 bobo1on1 fixed: when doing a format conversion from float to 32 bit int, multi…
…ply with INT32_MAX - 127, since this is the maximum value that can be stored in 32 bit float and int, if INT32_MAX gets converted to float, it gets rounded to INT32_MAX + 1 which can cause wrap around distortion
@hmis hmis Read CD audio USB drive bug fixed
libcdio seems to allow read no more than about 10 audio sectors at once when CD audio device is connected via USB.
This patch makes XBMC read small number of sectors if default one fails. It uses more CPU but allows to use USB CD devices.
Tested on GNU/Linux x86 and RPi. (On Rpi OMXPlayer does not play CD, but I can rip tracks).
@FernetMenta FernetMenta backport some constructor initializations from 92e8bc4 c2c97cf
@ulion ulion Fixed: do not send Range request header when encounter error. 7eb2e03
@Montellese Montellese CGUISliderControl: only switch between selectors on <Enter> if there …
…are more than one
@ulion ulion Fix color tag didn't hide bug introduced by PR2725. a654be5
@FernetMenta FernetMenta Linux: fix handling of zombie processes efbb36f
@FernetMenta FernetMenta pvr: fix channel switch for addons using other stream 2284a23
@Memphiz Memphiz - bump libnfs to 1.6 ae838d8
@Memphiz Memphiz - bump libnfs to 1.6 731704f
@Memphiz Memphiz - bump libnfs to 1.6 c45ee93
@Memphiz Memphiz - bump libnfs to 1.6 5babf57
@opdenkamp opdenkamp sync add-ons * opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr-addons#178 * opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr-add… e8a590a
@ulion ulion [OSX] Kickout screensaver if it's running e66c544
@davilla davilla Generate stable DVD disk IDs by performing CSS first fd88e70
@jmbreuer jmbreuer Get and use correct (removable://) file record from database Fixes DV…
…D resume after resume details already exist
@Memphiz Memphiz Revert "[AE/CA] - ooppps - typo in last commit (note to self - commit…
… on the same host you compiled it)"

This reverts commit 1c7791d.
@Memphiz Memphiz - fix regression (stuck ringbuffer after 46min, 62min, 180min - depen…
…ding on the stream setup). Revert "[AE/CA] - fix a possible overflow in the ringbuffer during readsize calculation (yes we hit this in pvr branch in internalflush - when zapping channels)"

This reverts commit e447c4b.
@Memphiz Memphiz - fix race in 2 threads consuming the ringbuffer (dvdplayeraudio call…
…s flush and ca thread still pulls frames) by moving the flush to the ca thread instead - fixes crashing when switching tv channels (this was the real issue the 2 reverted commits before wanted to fix...)
@anssih anssih SoftAE: Fix A/V sync issues caused by wrong buffer time calculation
CSoftAE::GetDelay(), CSoftAE::GetCacheTime(), and
CSoftAE::GetCacheTotal() assume in their calculations that m_buffer
contains frames that have sink/encoder frame size. However, m_buffer
actually contains frames in the format received from CSoftAEStream.

This causes varying levels of A/V de-sync depending on other conditions.
On my Linux system I encounter this always when using using HDMI audio
and having the display refresh rate set at 24Hz.

Fix those functions to use the correct frame size.
@Memphiz Memphiz - fix bt keyboard support (fixes space, tab, esc, enter and modifier …
@taxigps taxigps fixed bug with arial.ttf a5b3131
@wsoltys wsoltys fixed resource leak. a5fc05e
@wsoltys wsoltys fixed: fixed memory leaks in ximadsp.cpp 9cf5e5f
@wsoltys wsoltys fixed memory leak in ximatif.cpp 2166aee
@mkortstiege mkortstiege [linux] - fix wrong local FileTime due to not honoring daylight savin…
…gs time
Jonathan Marshall Use round() rather than MathUtils::round_int() for time, and modulate…
… to unsigned int. Fixes #14205
@fritsch fritsch AE: Workaround (ugly) non existing channel maps in old ffmpeg (workar…
…ounds: #14407)
@ulion ulion [Fix] Event server code for remote mouse with event client protocol 0c233ac
@ScudLee ScudLee [Fix] Only use episode number in nfo check if it's an episode 42a648e
@amet amet fix app start on 10.9 e232f83
@Montellese Montellese CGUIWindowFoo: properly initialize m_dlgProgress pointer to NULL (fix…
…es #14635)
ronie add weather provider logo 70ebc49
arnova fixed: Video chapter seek handling didn't work properly for some cont…
…ent handled by ffmpeg

This mainly applies to several MP4 files where we currently can't reliably detect in which chapter we are when
we perform chapter seeking (probably an ffmpeg bug?). To workaround this make sure current chapter != 0 and
fallback to large stepping where appropriate.
@FernetMenta FernetMenta kaitoast: fix deadlock caused by grabbing the gfx lock while other lo…
…cks are held
@koying koying FIX: crash with missing controls in DialogKaiToast 1222b7a
@koying koying fixup kaitoast 4cce50a
@garbear garbear Fix infinite loop while viewing "EPG: Timeline" window
With invalid begin/end times, the for loop in GUIEPGContainer.cpp L#825 ( loops endlessly, freezing XBMC when the user views the "EPG: Timeline" window. Solve this by adding check for invalid end times.
@Montellese Montellese webserver: fix crash on HTTP GET arguments without a "=" (fixes #14650) dfbbc5e
@davilla davilla fix the long standing coreaudio mixmap bugs with ae 55ba63d