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Jan 18, 2013
John Rennie jhsrennie Add key mapping for the power button eeb5042
John Rennie jhsrennie Add support for sleep key in Linux 547d0b0
John Rennie Move the Nyxboard sleep key mapping to the main keymap ab6845d
John Rennie Use key name not id in the Nyxboard mapping for F4 5c45745
Memphiz Memphiz [osx] - stop hammering the noidlesleep assertion - we only need to ho…
…ld it once.
Memphiz Memphiz [AE/CA] - implement streamsilence flag (releases powermanagement asse…
…rtion which is hold since lion even when holding a shared audio device open)
ronie ronie fix: remove invalid includes c2f3a17
ronie ronie fix: remove deprecated code fa30df3
davilla davilla VampireAE fixes, mmm'kay 2f4363b
davilla davilla [vda] revert back to intel greenline which is better than goofy frame…
…drops for all
Jan 19, 2013
Memphiz Memphiz [dns] - check parameters for validity - fixes #13975 - credits to fla…
Lars Op den Kamp opdenkamp [pvr] bump add-ons to opdenkamp/xbmc-pvr-addons@96774c4 53c5696
Memphiz Memphiz [osx] - on resume don't toggle windowed/fullscreen - this leads to mo…
…ving XBMC to screen1 on dual screen setups and isn't needed on osx at all
davilla davilla [aml] fixed mute and volume control c2cd6ee
Jan 22, 2013
Sascha Montellese Montellese fix typo from 66e5d70 (#elsif -> #elif) a53c00e
davilla davilla Revert "[AE/CA] - implement streamsilence flag (releases powermanagem…
…ent assertion which is hold since lion even when holding a shared audio device open)"

This reverts commit 2add0c6.
popcornmix popcornmix Fix for incorrectly using clamped resolution when looking for framera…
…te match
popcornmix popcornmix [rbp] Fix non-square pixel display apect ratio and 3D TAB modes corre…
huceke huceke [rbp] removed useless file from 1f8d725 f75a1af
Lars Op den Kamp opdenkamp [cec] fixed - only send an active source message when receiving OnPla…
…y. this may lead to delayed audio output on some AVR devices
Alasdair Campbell alcoheca upnp: url encode filename of served resources 1d310b3
Chris Browet koying FIX: non-rpi egl fails to compile ba2ca55
Jan 23, 2013
davilla davilla fixed, allow SotfAE commanded suspend/resume for all but restrict aut…
…o suspend/resume to windows
popcornmix popcornmix [rbp] Don't consider half-SBS/TB 3D modes to have double the framerate ee76b8e
Jonathan Marshall export of .nfo files to folders that were not writable for whatever r…
…eason meant that the next movie got 2 (or more) <movie> sections in it's .nfo file, causing incorrect later imports.
Jonathan Marshall .mpc file tags (apev2) weren't read correctly. fixes #13985 6fc42b2
Jan 25, 2013
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser [Touched] update Touched to latest rev 27f6db4
Memphiz Memphiz [osx] - fix - add Dreamweaver to the list of obscuring windows (now D…
…reamweaver devs - please tell me why the hell you are using a transparent fullscreen window?)
Jim Carroll In threads spawned within python the PyContext was never used. In tho…
…se cases the releasing/acquiring of the Gil was simply skipped. Therefore scripts that looped over 'sleep' from a python created thread (a typical pattern in python services) would block all other python threads forever.
phil65-2 phil65-2 added DefaultImage for pvr clients 643fc8e
Alexis Ballier aballier DVDAudioCodecFFmpeg: Convert unknown audio formats to float.
As of FFmpeg-1.1, some decoders started to output planar audio.
This fixes track ticket 13944.
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser [addons] sync addons with repo c20382a
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser [addons] sync WU with repo version 69c36c9
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser Remove broken last.FM musicvideo scraper 123a078
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser Add musicvideo scraper 742d171
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser Change default musicvideo scraper from the broken to theaudio…
… In case was still in use replace it with
Jan 27, 2013
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser [addons] sync scrapers to repo 9304e2c
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser Bump version to final Frodo 12.0 fb595f2
Feb 19, 2013
Sascha Montellese Montellese fix CApplicationMessenger::MediaStop() in case no playlistid has been…
… provided
Memphiz Memphiz [AE/CA] - implement streamsilence flag (releases powermanagement asse…
…rtion which is hold since lion even when holding a shared audio device open)
Memphiz Memphiz [AE/CA] - hold the enginelock when diddleing with the hal during garb…
…agecollect and reuse the resume() function instead of duplicating code
Memphiz Memphiz [AE/CA] - fix regression introduced with AE - readd the default outpu…
…t device which will ask the os for the default output device and use that
Memphiz Memphiz [AE/CA] - fixed - fetching the default audio output device from the o…
…s mail fail - in that case we return the last known good device id
Memphiz Memphiz [AE/CA] - fixed - if user has selected "default" output device we nee…
…d to reinit to it once the deviceid behind "default" changed - we do this in makestream for now (where all the reinit logic sits nevertheless)
Memphiz Memphiz [IOS] - fix build after 6095130 264cea6
Memphiz Memphiz [AE/CA] - no need for the streamsilence / idle suspend stuff on ios -…
… so do it only for osx
wsoltys wsoltys fixed: no thumbnails were created for images which need to be rotated…
… by FlipHorizontal, FlipVertical and Rotate180CCW + a small refactor.
Nigel Gilbert norbini Override CSFTPDirectory::Exists() method to correctly report whether …
…an SFTP url represents a directory or not.

Fixes ticket #13784.

Refactored CSFTPSession::Exists() into FileExists() and DirectoryExists() methods, and have CSFTPFile and CSFTPDirectory classes use them.
This means that Exists() calls on these classes correctly only return true if the url refers to an item of the appropriate type (e.g. a file or a directory).
Andrew Gallatin Merge ffmpeg fix for sagetv recordings from upstream
> commit c071b00
> Author: Michael Niedermayer <>
> Date:   Mon Jan 21 04:21:56 2013 +0100
>     mpeg12demux: Fallback to startcode for stream type identification.
>    Fixes Ticket2147
>    Fixes SageTV support
>    Based-on patch by Andrew Gallatin
>    Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <>
arnova fixed: For Webdav set the PROPFIND custom request header else we may …
…return false when checking for folder existence (fixes #13914)
ronie ronie [Confluence] get rid of error log messages ae91afe
ulion ulion paplayer handle prepare stream failure. 63c0c68
ulion ulion re-init tcp server when encounter EBADF b7acc26
Memphiz Memphiz [droid] - fix ssh/sftp protocol. (the return NULL in would lead to ea…
…rly/error return when libssh tries to fetch the default SSH_OPTIONS_SSH_DIR)
davilla davilla fixed, force rtmpX to the videodefaultplayer 3c44385
Memphiz Memphiz [AE/CA] - on device change reinit coreaudio by calling opencoreaudio …
…with the last engine parameters (this will fallback to default device when our current output device vanishes and on the other hand will go back to that device if it re-appears).
Memphiz Memphiz [AE/CA] - revert 7e64331 - not needed anymore 84b9978
arnova fixed: Curl should also retry on CURLE_COULDNT_CONNECT
fixed: Curl reconnect messages should be warnings
changed: Cosmetics
Jim Carroll Add a DelayedCallGuard to the RenderCapture.waitForCaptureStateChange…
…Event. Closes #14044
Jim Carroll Remove some annoying log-spam. 526d9fa
Memphiz Memphiz [scraper] - fixing possible array out of bounds access (seen in a cra…
…shlog on ios)
Memphiz Memphiz [ios] - enable the full iphone5 resolution by adding the right format…
…ed default splash image into the bundle
Memphiz Memphiz [ios] - add proper detection of the currently available ios devices a…
…nd make sure to detect retina resolution even when using ios4.3 sdk on all of those retina devices
davilla davilla fixes #14030, osx x86_64 would crash on a throw, trying to open tiffs…
…, basically cximage was referencing internal tiff headers instead of system headers, opps
Sascha Montellese Montellese fix warning in CPlayerOperations::Stop() f738acc
arnova fixed: Don't check for local thumbs on Addon's path 2bf4edc
Jim Carroll Prevent re-entering the interpreter if the script exits with a System…
…Exit exception. Closes #14049
Mike C [droid] Use native volume control c9b7b49
wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32] workaround: get the default audio interface for DirectSound t…
…o have audio on a fresh installation.
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: introduce force flag into interface f3468eb
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: ALSA Wait for at least one audio output device when starting up f…
…or max 10 seconds
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: Fix suspend / resume with ALSA Pt 1 d701986
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: Enable SoftSuspend on Linux (Stop h0gg1ng the sound device) e9e8c6c
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: Wait until we are in a safe state before further deinitializing t…
…he sink
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: remember the sinkState in local class to be able to resume ea6a4ea
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: Make suspend and resume more clear and easier with less flags bc32379
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: SoftSuspend and AE implementation don't play well - let ALSA save…
… us in case
wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32] implemented a poor man's stacktrace for windows. c6745da
wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32] catch exceptions also during Create(), CreateGUI() and Initia…
Andreas Zelend ace20022 Fix build after commit 8c9b7ed . a58897a
Voyager1 Voyager1 Correct PR 2203 for Android 12502b9
Andy asmaloney Fix comparison which should be a dereference 7574821
Andy asmaloney Fix a copy-paste error in conditional 50c9471
Andy asmaloney Index should be checked before indexing m_dlls 2810c09
Andy asmaloney Copy-paste error results in skipping RENDER_FMT_YUV420P16 3922bf1
Andy asmaloney Close file properly on error 9f0caa3
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser [visualizations] fix crash in goom fixes #12584 32b2761
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: Pulse Audio fix resume between song change without crossfade 74ee9c7
LucasG2000 LucasG2000 Corrected parameters order in Control.setAnimations
The documentation states that setAnimations receives a list of tuples,
every tuple being a pair (event, attr), for example:

self.button.setAnimations([('focus', 'effect=zoom end=90,247,220,56

This patch corrects a bug by which the order of the tuple is reversed,
breaking Python scripts which send parameters in the order stated by
the documentation.
Chris Browet koying FIX: don't crash on buggy keymap xml 49085b6
davilla davilla fixed, CSoftAEStream::GetCacheTime was calculated wrong f8dd25d
davilla davilla changed, refactor CSoftAEStream::GetDelay, CSoftAEStream::GetCacheTim…
…e and CSoftAEStream::GetCacheTotal to be similar
Jonathan Marshall don't use rand() for choosing a random song for partymode 74f14b7
Zeljko Ametovic amet XBPython cosmetic spaces c593148
Zeljko Ametovic amet [python] add onDatabaseScanStarted to xbmc.Monitor() class ab36512
Jim Carroll Separate locks for the different lists managed by XBPython so that th…
…ey don't interfere with each other. Closes #14048
Andreas Zelend ace20022 Fix the result of Player.GetProperties with param "currentaudiostream…
…" for video without an audio stream (index = -1).
ulion ulion bump samba for darwin from 3.6.0 to 3.6.12 7b3b189
Jonathan Marshall don't clip outline'd text as the outline will be clipped on the left …
Jonathan Marshall fix null ptr dereference of GUIDialogCache. fixes #14065. 8a2820f
Jonathan Marshall pick up only the select/click action in the scraper list in content s…
…ettings dialog
Jonathan Marshall fix saving of option=int slider add-on settings ea99fcc
Garrett Brown garbear Ignore duplicates due to add-ons with multiple extension points when …
…retrieving the list of outdated add-ons
popcornmix popcornmix [rbp] Avoid blocking the video thread keeping the video fifo full.
OpenMAX IL is an asynchronous media player. The key to getting good performance is to ensure the audio and video fifo have sufficient data to withstand any processing spikes by the ARM.
Ideally the fifos would allow the arm to crash, and video and audio playback to continue smoothly for a couple of seconds.

I've examined the fifo behaviour, and found the video fifo is always almost empty. (The audio fifo is full).
It turns out that the PlayerVideo task (which submits video frames to GPU fifo) blocks until the presentation time has arrived before calling FlipPage (in order to keep subtitles etc. synced).
This is very bad. We generally only one frame of video data in the GPU fifo. This means a spike in ARM workload (e.g. bringing up OSD, or a peak in bitrate) causes the fifo to empty and video to stutter.

The patch here avoids blocking, and lets the FlipPage happen on a later packet.
I've found with this patch, my test clip (1080p with software DTS audio decode) I can play without stuttering at 700MHz. Without this patch it fails to play even at 1000MHz.
popcornmix popcornmix [rbp] Fix for broken ASS subtitles.
The video fifo patch broke some types of subtitles including ASS.
This keeps closer track of when the sleep time would have ended and calls FlipPage at the appropriate time.
I've also removed the 500ms in the sleep time calculation as that makes the subs render 500ms late. Not sure what its purpose was.
Andy asmaloney Fix memory leaks & Use correct "delete" for arrays 8fd95be
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: Linux AE - some fixes of yesterday merge (Enumerate + Resume) f637c03
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: in doubt restore old suspend behaviour 89611b1
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: Choose indirection when possible. Care for lazy evaluation 6efc127
wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32][AE] fixed: DirectSound supports more than 2 channels. ccd8298
wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32][AE] fixed: samplerate can be at least 192kHz (probably more?) 6711c2e
wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32][AE] fixed: supported channels should be between 2 and 8 c7eea1d
Jonathan Marshall fix incorrect query on smartplaylists with a set rule 3714ab3
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser [Touched] set git revision to latest again 982e170
t-nelson Don't leave failed fileop jobs in the processing list.
We want to remove fileop jobs from the queue regardless of whether they
were successful or not.  Otherwise we crash on the next call to
ulion ulion Fix event pump order on ios when we drop in deeper message loop. e112dd6
Memphiz Memphiz Fix event pump order on droid when we drop in deeper message loop. 1a8429d
popcornmix popcornmix [rbp] Fix for hang after seeking introduced by ASS fix
#2206 introduced a regression when seeking in some types of SD files where the video stutters and/or stalls.
This is caused by using the wrong clock in FlipPage
Memphiz Memphiz [atv2] - fix the annoyance to need to click twice to startup xbmc on …
…atv2 running ios5.x - we have a single click startup now woohoo :D
wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32][AE] fixed: release audio stream when XBMC is idle. Changed ha…
…rd coded value to a existing define.
Feb 25, 2013
Jim Carroll Handle the possibility that a XBPython registration list is modified …
…in a callback.
Memphiz Memphiz - added substrate.h - needed for hooking methods and ivars at runtime 6485d75
Memphiz Memphiz - bump seatbelt unlock patch for patching ios6.1 binary 78defc0
Memphiz Memphiz - on postinst copy our app icon to /Applications/…
…e.frontrow.appliance.xbmc\@720p.png - needed for ios6
Memphiz Memphiz - fix darwinutils - we can't rely on the class name XBMCAppliance bec…
…ause its now generated at runtime. This means the NSBundle functions on that class won't return our appliance
Memphiz Memphiz - add a missing key to our atv2 - info.plist 8896df2
Memphiz Memphiz - forward declare BRWindow in iosscreenmanager 686f89f
Memphiz Memphiz - rewrite the XBMCAppliance and XBMCController for using obj-c runtim…
…e class definition and hooking. This is needed for supporting atv2 on ios6 (see the comments in the impl.)
Memphiz Memphiz [atv2] - fix compile on 10.8/billy 2d72eb4
Memphiz Memphiz [atv2] - fix compilation on 10.8 and all others once and for all. Dea…
…r buildbot. I really suggest you build this now - or i'm going to convince davilla to install android on your harddisk...
Rainer Hochecker FernetMenta fix ass subs for GLES 32942b2
Memphiz Memphiz [atv2] - make hooking more clean and safe by checking the selector of…
… the class before hooking
Memphiz Memphiz [atv2] - fix XBMC is getting 100% transparent when bluetooth keyboard…
… is detected. (keyboard detection triggers an ios popup overlay which influences with our opengl layer when it vanishes). Since we are hooking now anyways - we just hook into that popupmanager and suppress any popups during XBMC runtime.
ulion ulion fix the configure script to retrieve correct xcode path if xcode not …

in the default location.
ulion ulion [fix] detect wav codec by mimetype ba94b7f
ulion ulion [fix] detect ape codec by mimetype 7a5850c
ulion ulion Fix sometimes select plugin setting from context menu not works problem. 1c4bdaa
ulion ulion Fix check common subtitle subdir existence without suffix slash bug. e684e36
ronie ronie bump xbmc.addon to 12.1.0 bde22b7
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: fix segfault after indirection patches 505d8cd
ulion ulion Refactor CSimpleFileCache::WaitData, kill race conditions. b3935bb
ulion ulion [IOS] Fix and unify postMouseMotionEvent use scaled point position. e41db3e
ulion ulion [IOS] Fix no mouse left up event problem by using single tap gesture …
ulion ulion [IOS] Fix no gesture end event problem when gesture be canceled. 46b7c2d
ulion ulion [IOS] Fix long press gesture send mouse right down/up/move event corr…
ulion ulion Fix double append to m_curlAliasList bug by NULL check. cff70f0
ulion ulion Fix memory leak, Exists/Stat allocated resource not released correctly. 45e7081
ulion ulion Remove duplicated line which is same with the one 4 lines above. 2246e27
ulion ulion Fix CurlFile::Exists/Stat for check ftp directory with proper cwd met…
ulion ulion Make sure call CurlFile::Exists with url path ends with slash for ftp…
… dir.
Mar 05, 2013
Sascha Montellese Montellese refresh the correct video viewed in the video info dialog (fixes #13676) 9744789
Sascha Montellese Montellese CFileItem: extend Copy() with an optional "copyItems" parameter (true…
… by default) to be able to only copy the properties of a list without the items
Sascha Montellese Montellese video library: fix handling of watched episode count in custom tvshow…
… nodes (fixes #14097)
Joakim Plate elupus zeroconf: maintain txt record order when publishing service bd2d81b
Joakim Plate elupus zeroconf/osx: maintain txt field order on publish
OSX create the txt records using a dictionary, so to maintain
order, we use a custom hash function that put all elements
in the same hash bucket.
Joakim Plate elupus airplay: switch to non apple tv name
This makes discovery of xbmc more reliable in mac osx.

Thanx to matli on forum for find.

Signed-off-by: Joakim Plate <>
Signed-off-by: Memphiz <>
Joakim Plate elupus Revert "[AE/CA] - fix the matrix mixer by obeying a setpwidth of the …
…number of output device channels (should fix mixing issues where user reported stereo files appear mono only and maybe some other strange things)"

This reverts commit 6353323.

The mixing unit is not the same as device. The output's in the mixing
unit doesn't match the device output. So the matrix it has internally
doesn't have anything to do with device outputs.
Joakim Plate elupus CoreAE: validate that matrix fit's in mixer size 3d08920
Joakim Plate elupus CoreAE: make sure we zero out any left over output channels during mi…
Memphiz Memphiz [atv2-packaging] - copy our icon to TopRowIcon.png in case we are mov…
…ed to toprow
Memphiz Memphiz [atv2] - if users diddle XBMC into the toprow with plist manipulation…
… - prevent crash - but show our nice topshelf logo instead
Fice Removed unused test in StringUtils.h 2dcb464
Sascha Montellese Montellese StringUtils: add Paramify() method to escape strings before passing t…
…hem to builtins methods
Sascha Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: fix passing of paths to builtin methods (fixes #14066) 724c9ac
Garrett Brown garbear JSON-RPC: Add missing "xbmc.pvrclient" entry to Addon.Types enum c612852
Sascha Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: bump version to 6.0.1 after fix in 44916b3 ad6e009
Tolriq Correct Player.PlayPause behavior
In current implementation using play parameter as boolean won't force the playerspeed to 1 as it should.
This PR correct this so that using a bool parameter act as the toggle and provide the same behavior as GUI or EventServer.
Sascha Montellese Montellese jsonrpc: bump version to 6.0.3 fab1ff3
ulion ulion Fix the WaitData amount in CSimpleFileCache::Seek, count from read pos. fe2dce5
ulion ulion Fix crash in CShoutcastFile::Close(), clear buffer pointer after delete. 3fdc680
ulion ulion Fix ticket 12729, ignore content-length of shoutcast file.
When the shoutcast file was 302 redirected, libcurl may return the
content-length of the 302 page's body, it cause next read return 0.
Sascha Montellese Montellese websocket: fix inability to handle multiple queued websocket frames/m…
…essages (fixes #13848)
wsoltys wsoltys [WIN32] fixed: first process OnSleep events before going into suspend…
… (fixes #14101)
arnova changed: Add rule for selecting remote (or non-local) items for playe…
…r selection rules
arnova added: = & != operator for CStreamDetails cb5efdb
arnova fixed: The VideoThumbLoader didn't fetch streamdetails for items that…
… didn't have a file id set in their infotag
arnova fixed: Move storing of streamdetails from CApp::PlayFile() to the Sav…
…eFileState-job, where it already partially was (for DVD stuff).

This fixes a few issues:
- Races causing possible invalid streamdetails to be stored in the db;
- Stream details for current file were not stored when item was not in the db yet;
- Check whether the streamdetails in the db need updating by comparing. This fixes also fixes previously invalid/incomplete stored details;
- Also clarify the special case for DVD stuff.
arnova changed: When checking for eg. user thumbs just check whether it's ei…
…ther a folder or a video file
arnova fixed: Instead of checking whether the item is video, check whether w…
…e're playing video else we may obtain invalid info due to racing
Chris Browet koying FIX: in CDAVDirectory::Exists, using PROPFIND without depth might ret…
…urn 403
davilla davilla [osx] fixs #13907, fixes #13740 and tastes good too. VDA issues on in…
…tel/ati GPUs
davilla davilla [osx] fixed again, not all GPU are named the same eb78cde
Mar 07, 2013
Lars Op den Kamp opdenkamp [pvr] bump pvr add-ons to 590f862 for Frodo 12.1 cff806c
Mar 09, 2013
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] update of internal addon language files 80bb89a
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] update of core language files 9936b2a
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] update of skin.confluence language files 7c18812
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] added langinfo.xml for new language Albanian 375f6ba
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] added langinfo.xml for new language Burmese d3801ae
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] added langinfo.xml for new language Vietnamese a38d06b
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] added langinfo.xml for new language Malay e64ebad
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] added langinfo.xml for new language Persian (Iran) 07b9a23
Mar 10, 2013
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] added langinfo.xml for new language Tamil (India) 26a9ad5
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] added langinfo.xml for new language Uzbek 940e3e3
Lars Op den Kamp opdenkamp [cec] rebased PR1794 + fixes for Frodo 9d0695f
davilla davilla Merge pull request #2400 from alanwww1/transifex-frodo-update
[lang] Update of language files from Transifex
davilla davilla Merge pull request #2386 from opdenkamp/pvraddons_12.1
[pvr] bump pvr add-ons Frodo 12.1
davilla davilla Merge pull request #2387 from opdenkamp/pr1794_frodo
[cec] rebased PR1794 + fix for Frodo
davilla davilla Merge pull request #2413 from opdenkamp/meh
[cec] missing commits from #2386
davilla davilla fix Android build breakage for libcec 632391b
davilla davilla Revert "[osx] - fix volume mediakeys now control xbmc volume (fixes v…
…olume buttons on nyxboard and hw volume buttons on macs/osx)"

This reverts commit 6bb569c.
Garrett Brown garbear [keymap] Added two 360 controllers: "Wireless Gamepad F710 (Controlle…
…r)" and "Afterglow Gamepad for Xbox 360 (Controller)"
Garrett Brown garbear [keymap] Add alias "Gamepad F310 (Controller)" to Windows XBOX 360 co…

Controller is Logitech Gamepad F310
Sascha Montellese Montellese CJSONVariantWriter: fix possible NULL pointer dereferencing 32b2e2b
ulion ulion Fix empty music title announce. 4e61ae3
ulion ulion [Fix] Add missed reset code for url options members. 714f29e
sfontes fixes for 14119 645a40b
ronie ronie [Confluence] Don't process subsequent onclicks if the first one was c…
…ancelled. Fixes #13576
Hugo Rodenburg hrodenburg Fix format string which causes compilation error when --enable-dvdcss…
… is set on Ubuntu
skaggapa skaggapa #13579 fix bcac7d7
popcornmix popcornmix Protect pointer dereference to avoid a segfault when running headless.
When using in a headless setup for library scans, dialog will be NULL. See:
wsnipex libdvdccs: allow use of automake >1.11, thx brianf21
this check should be reworked upstream
phil65-2 phil65-2 Fix for AlarmClock(): Prevent freeze-up when time <=0 and loop = true e9d881b
Voyager1 Voyager1 Fix resume playback from playlist does not work (trac 13929) 56c9973
popcornmix popcornmix [rbp] Fix for stuttery video when seeking before zero
There are a few issues with seeking I found.
We weren't correctly setting OMX_BUFFERFLAG_TIME_UNKNOWN on the first frame after a seek which could make the GPU think video was at 0 and audio at a much larger offset.
A full video fifo (to GPU) stops any higher priority messages from being received which can stall a seek and the flush message doesn't get through. Use m_flush to discard the video packet that doesn't fit.
We get an audio frame through with unknown pts/dts after the flush, but before the GENERAL_RESYNC when seeking. This was given to GPU and was perhaps 30 seconds out from the following packets and that throws off the timing between audio and video streams. Keeping m_flush true until the GENERAL_RESYNC discards this frame. Hopefully that is safe.
Andreas Zelend ace20022 [PulseAEStream] Possible null pointer dereference. 8adff67
davilla davilla fixed crash, sizeof(SDL_Event) != sizeof(XBMC_Event) 6040593
popcornmix popcornmix Handle resolution changes during video stream.
When the resolution changes, GPU sends a port settings changed message. Host has to acknowledge it by disabling and enabling the affected ports.
Joakim Plate elupus overlays: support ARGB image overlays 11ade98
Rainer Hochecker FernetMenta Always copy overlays from file parser - Fixes stuck hw resources on r…
Peter Frühberger fritsch AE: Fix resample of e.g. 192 khz to 48 khz audio by scaling the usual…
… suspects with the src sampleRate
popcornmix popcornmix [rbp] Enable Vsync as a default 9d37db5
pitpompej pitpompej Prevent timeout error because of waiting for port settings change eve…
…nt on the wrong pipeline object when using deinterlace mode
popcornmix popcornmix [rbp] Fix for audiotoggledigital on Pi.
Pi only has two audio output modes so the three way toggle gets stuck. This fix corresponds to Pi specific settings code:
davilla davilla [osx] another mystery xcode project change 8ffa50c
Cory Fields droid: fix loading libs from outside of our apk fdb6e5f
Jim Carroll Introduce a Buffer class and use it to replace custom API definitions…
… for RenderCapture and xbmcvfs.File.
Jim Carroll [cosmetic] remove commented out code. e859e20
Jim Carroll The RenderCapture::getImage now returns a buffer that's ready to read…
… from.
Jim Carroll rename the current 'read' method to 'readBytes' and use it to impleme…
…nt a 'read' method that returns a string in order to preserve bw compatibility.
Jim Carroll change the write back to a bool for bw compatiblity with the incorrec…
…t 12.0 api.
Jim Carroll minor fix to the string length arithmetic. 2dec05a
Jim Carroll return the correct boolean value. 98fd411
Jim Carroll minor change and clarification to the File.write return value. d5b2bfe
arnova fixed: Some http servers provide different content when the range req…
…uest header is not set causing seeking to fail. To fix this use CURL_OPT_RANGE method instead of CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM_LARGE
Mar 11, 2013
Lars Op den Kamp opdenkamp [cec] missing commits from #2386 7b1d0b0
davilla davilla [osx] fix broken build on 10.7+, and now we find out what 8ffa50c was…
… all about
Jim Carroll [fix] build issue with std::min on some platforms. 465df62
Sascha Montellese Montellese [win32] add boost/shared_array.hpp needed since 92c7bf0 99ee1f3
Mar 12, 2013
Lars Op den Kamp opdenkamp [cec] extra guards around m_queryThread fc2e551
Lars Op den Kamp opdenkamp [cec] and let's init m_queryThread to NULL so we won't crash on exit …
…when CEC has been disabled
ulion ulion Fix code generate problem with binary string. 36a6cb8
alanwww1 (Attila) alanwww1 [lang] fixed: revert Serbian non cyrilic changes as they are wrong there 3195310
davilla davilla Merge pull request #2429 from alanwww1/transifex-frodo-update
[lang] fixed: revert Serbian non cyrilic changes as they are wrong there
Mar 14, 2013
Sascha Montellese Montellese fix copy-constructor of Buffer, which fixes (fixes #14…
Cory Fields rss: fix feed has been created so that we can prevent this in the
future. It is now a CNAME using the "MyBrand" feature at feedburner, which is
up and running again after the latest news entry.

With this set, we change we can modify the feed at any time in the future.
Mar 17, 2013
ScudLee ScudLee Add missing audiochannels rule to PlayerSelectionRule.cpp. fixes #13536 3994d2a
Andreas Zelend ace20022 [AE] Initialize member vars. f5c9f04
ulion ulion [IOS] Fix popen crash during xbmc starting up, it not work ios and ma…
…y crash.
Martijn Kaijser MartijnKaijser Bump version to Frodo 12.1 b19f31b
davilla davilla [ios] fix versions 0d373cc