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libmicrohttpd on darwin is too old, which may cause the xbmc hang when exit (when stopping web server) #2139

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ulion Memphiz Sascha Montellese

seems need to put new package into any one can update it?


You can test it locally by placing the new tarball into /Users/Shared/xbmc-depends/tarballs/ and bump the version in tools/darwin/depends/libmicrohttpd (or how it is called). If it works like intended do a pull rewuest with the versionbump/makefile change and we will handle uploading to darwin-deps.

Though our goal is to use the same dp versions on all platforms. So it might last a bit for checking it for android and raspberry pi.

Sascha Montellese

Just as an FYI @wsoltys tried to update to a newer version a few months ago on win32 and it was reverted because it caused a lot of crashes on starting/stopping the webserver while XBMC was running. But since then there have been new versions. Ideally all platforms would use the same version as whatever is in the ubuntu repo i.e. 0.9.20-1.

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