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Voyager1 commented May 28, 2012

this functionality used to be available in earlier versions (Dharma?) of xbmc but was removed as part of the context menu clean up. Unfortunately no suitable replacement has come up (like a scraper addon that would allow manual addition to library).

How to use: navigate in file view to the item not in the library, select context menu "Manually Add to Library". Done.


jmarshallnz commented May 28, 2012

@topfs2 is working on scraping for GSoC, and part of that will likely be including items that don't normally scrape in the library by default anyway. Thus, this won't be needed at that point.

In the meantime, adding an .nfo file doesn't take that long for one-offs, and has the bonus of (potentially) adding a whole heap of information all at once.


Voyager1 commented Sep 30, 2012

@jmarshallnz - @topfs2 - any update on the scrapers work? apologies in case I missed that.

I know it's not beautiful, but this PR offers a really simple way to manually add videos to the library (e.g. kids dvds, home videos, etc.). Not sure if the average user feels comfortable with nfo file tweaking.

Voyager1 reopened this Oct 22, 2012


Voyager1 commented Oct 22, 2012

@cptspiff - @jmarshallnz suggested to run this by you.


Voyager1 commented Nov 6, 2012

@cptspiff - sorry to bump and bother you. Any thoughts?


ghost commented Nov 6, 2012

imo nfo files suffices until such a time we have import for 'unknown' items going.


Voyager1 commented Nov 6, 2012

fair enough. I'll close this then.

Voyager1 closed this Nov 6, 2012

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