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Add 'Play the next video automatically' option #1069

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As the title says, this adds a 'Play the next video automatically' option to the video playback settings, to match the one for music.

It also hides the 'Play from here' context menu button when this is option is set, since it's redundant.


For the sake of simplifying our settings, would it be possible to have this in

Settings -> Videos -> File lists -> "Default select action"



My rationale for having it as a separate setting was so that the default select action could still be applied to the first item selected. The current behavior of the context menu "Play from here" is to ignore any resume point and always start from the beginning, and I've seen at least one person complain about that. While it's probably trivial to get the resume point, you'd likely then have someone complaining about it always resuming, or, if presented with the resume/play from the beginning option, asking whether there was a way to just always resume. There's probably even weirdos out there who use "Show information" as their select action but who still want continuous play. You'd never win.

So short of adding a whole bunch of different "Play from here" options (which seems silly to me), it just seemed simpler to have the two settings act independently.


Rebased after a85cf75.


Hope this will soon be merged in XBMC master branch ! Thanks for this feature.


Rebased after 4e9cb43


Would really like to see this get added for Frodo. I will see if I can find which XBMC dev to ping about this.



I've considered instead of just removing the 'Play from here' option when this is setting is on, replacing it with a 'Play only this' option, so that either way you'd have access to the alternate behavior. Do you think it's worth adding, or should I just keep it simple?


i like that ^. also you should use the viewstate for this, not do it directly in the window.


Okay, think I got your meaning (I hope).

That way does also make it easier to allow for more finesse in deciding when autoplay should be used... Not that I've bothered here - it's still either on everywhere or off everywhere, but the possibility does exist.

@ghost ghost merged commit 489d206 into xbmc:master

please, do NOT post shit like this on github! you are spamming over 100 people with that useless comment (and so am i with this...) keep it on the forums!

This issue was closed.
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Commits on Oct 7, 2012
  1. @ScudLee
This page is out of date. Refresh to see the latest.
10 language/English/strings.po
@@ -4816,7 +4816,15 @@ msgctxt "#13432"
msgid "Allow hardware acceleration (VideoToolbox)"
msgstr ""
-#empty strings from id 13433 to 13499
+msgctxt "#13433"
+msgid "Play the next video automatically"
+msgstr ""
+msgctxt "#13434"
+msgid "Play only this"
+msgstr ""
+#empty strings from id 13435 to 13499
msgctxt "#13500"
msgid "A/V sync method"
1  xbmc/dialogs/GUIDialogContextMenu.h
@@ -122,6 +122,7 @@ enum CONTEXT_BUTTON { CONTEXT_BUTTON_CANCELLED = 0,
3  xbmc/settings/GUISettings.cpp
@@ -662,6 +662,9 @@ void CGUISettings::Initialize()
CSettingsCategory* vp = AddCategory(SETTINGS_VIDEOS, "videoplayer", 14086);
+ AddBool(vp, "videoplayer.autoplaynextitem", 13433, false);
+ AddSeparator(vp, "videoplayer.sep1");
map<int, int> renderers;
renderers.insert(make_pair(13416, RENDER_METHOD_AUTO));
2  xbmc/video/GUIViewStateVideo.cpp
@@ -454,7 +454,7 @@ bool CGUIViewStateWindowVideoNav::AutoPlayNextItem()
if (params.GetContentType() == VIDEODB_CONTENT_MUSICVIDEOS || params.GetContentType() == 6) // recently added musicvideos
return g_guiSettings.GetBool("musicplayer.autoplaynextitem");
- return false;
+ return g_guiSettings.GetBool("videoplayer.autoplaynextitem");
CGUIViewStateWindowVideoPlaylist::CGUIViewStateWindowVideoPlaylist(const CFileItemList& items) : CGUIViewStateWindowVideo(items)
10 xbmc/video/windows/GUIWindowVideoBase.cpp
@@ -1222,10 +1222,14 @@ void CGUIWindowVideoBase::GetContextButtons(int itemNumber, CContextButtons &but
buttons.Add(CONTEXT_BUTTON_RESUME_ITEM, GetResumeString(*(item.get()))); // Resume Video
//if the item isn't a folder, is a member of a list rather than a single item
- //and we're not on the last element of the list, then add the 'play from here' option
+ //and we're not on the last element of the list,
+ //then add add either 'play from here' or 'play only this' depending on default behaviour
if (!item->m_bIsFolder && m_vecItems->Size() > 1 && itemNumber < m_vecItems->Size()-1)
- buttons.Add(CONTEXT_BUTTON_PLAY_AND_QUEUE, 13412);
+ if (!g_guiSettings.GetBool("videoplayer.autoplaynextitem"))
+ buttons.Add(CONTEXT_BUTTON_PLAY_AND_QUEUE, 13412);
+ else
+ buttons.Add(CONTEXT_BUTTON_PLAY_ONLY_THIS, 13434);
if (item->IsSmartPlayList() || m_vecItems->IsSmartPlayList())
@@ -1431,6 +1435,8 @@ bool CGUIWindowVideoBase::OnContextButton(int itemNumber, CONTEXT_BUTTON button)
return true;
return OnPlayAndQueueMedia(item);
+ return OnPlayMedia(itemNumber);
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