improve dvdplayer synchronization objects #1084

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This series improves dvdplayer's synchronization objects, to avoid the deadlocks (with timeout) if one player is waiting for init while another is waiting for sync object before notifying init.

I'm pretty sure this resolves #12984

elupus added some commits Jun 12, 2012
@elupus elupus [dvdplayer] remove old disabled looping still frame handling code
Disabled code that should be written differently if we
every need it again.
@elupus elupus [dvdplayer] remove old delayed processing of player sync
It should not be needed with the new handling of continuity
and the change most likley fixes issues with EDL seeking
causing long delays.
@elupus elupus [dvdplayer] rewrite syncronization message to be more efficient
This new sync message will now wakeup directly on object release
to check situation. It should reduce any scheduling delay that
previous implementation had.
@elupus elupus [dvdplayer] push back sync objects in message queue to process prio m…

Note, this could be moved into message queue and hidden from players
but i'm not sure it's that beneficial.
@elupus elupus [dvdplayer] restore proper starttime behaviour
It should represent first dts of stream and is used to add start delays
to individual streams that start later than their sibling streams.

This got broken by cd36abf then further code started depending on the broken behaviour.
Team Kodi member

I've tested this patch and it appears to resolve the issue with the seeking timeout and the problem with "go slow mode" after the seek. I also tested it with a number of my EDL testing files and I have observed some slightly strange behavior for some of my samples that have lots of small cuts that are close together. I've added a log file to

Team Kodi member
@elupus elupus merged commit 23ee0be into xbmc:master Jul 2, 2012
@tru tru added a commit to RasPlex/plex-home-theatre that referenced this pull request Apr 4, 2014
@tru tru Tweaks to image request sizes
Fixes #1084
Also added unit tests to the MediaUrlParser.
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