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Don't correct episode numbering from scraper #1093

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This removes the code that corrects the episode numbers retrieved from a scraper so that the lowest episode number becomes episode 1.

Does this code have any legitimate use? It just seems to cause the occasional confusion:


@cptspiff Where does this come from?


It is a mighty old leftoter that was there to facilitate an old scraper. For some stupid reason they used a flat episode number at some point and this code was there to compensate. Nuke at will

@ghost ghost merged commit d3cc12d into xbmc:master
@tru tru referenced this pull request from a commit in RasPlex/plex-home-theatre
@tru tru Send filter and sort arguments to the PlayQueue
Fixes #1093
This issue was closed.
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Commits on Jun 19, 2012
  1. @ScudLee
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  1. +0 −19 xbmc/addons/Scraper.cpp
19 xbmc/addons/Scraper.cpp
@@ -832,25 +832,6 @@ EPISODELIST CScraper::GetEpisodeList(XFILE::CCurlFile &fcurl, const CScraperUrl
- // find minimum in each season
- map<int, int> mpMin;
- for (EPISODELIST::const_iterator i = vcep.begin(); i != vcep.end(); ++i)
- {
- map<int, int>::iterator iMin = mpMin.find(i->key.first);
- if (iMin == mpMin.end())
- mpMin.insert(i->key);
- else if (i->key.second < iMin->second)
- iMin->second = i->key.second;
- }
- // correct episode numbers
- for (EPISODELIST::iterator i = vcep.begin(); i != vcep.end(); ++i)
- {
- i->key.second -= mpMin[i->key.first];
- if (mpMin[i->key.first] > 0)
- ++i->key.second;
- }
return vcep;
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