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Don't correct episode numbering from scraper #1093

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ScudLee jmarshallnz

This removes the code that corrects the episode numbers retrieved from a scraper so that the lowest episode number becomes episode 1.

Does this code have any legitimate use? It just seems to cause the occasional confusion:


@cptspiff Where does this come from?

Deleted user

It is a mighty old leftoter that was there to facilitate an old scraper. For some stupid reason they used a flat episode number at some point and this code was there to compensate. Nuke at will

Deleted user ghost merged commit d3cc12d into from
Tobias Hieta tru referenced this pull request from a commit in RasPlex/plex-home-theatre
Tobias Hieta tru Send filter and sort arguments to the PlayQueue
Fixes #1093
This issue was closed.
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Commits on Jun 19, 2012
  1. ScudLee
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  1. +0 −19 xbmc/addons/Scraper.cpp
19 xbmc/addons/Scraper.cpp
@@ -832,25 +832,6 @@ EPISODELIST CScraper::GetEpisodeList(XFILE::CCurlFile &fcurl, const CScraperUrl
- // find minimum in each season
- map<int, int> mpMin;
- for (EPISODELIST::const_iterator i = vcep.begin(); i != vcep.end(); ++i)
- {
- map<int, int>::iterator iMin = mpMin.find(i->key.first);
- if (iMin == mpMin.end())
- mpMin.insert(i->key);
- else if (i->key.second < iMin->second)
- iMin->second = i->key.second;
- }
- // correct episode numbers
- for (EPISODELIST::iterator i = vcep.begin(); i != vcep.end(); ++i)
- {
- i->key.second -= mpMin[i->key.first];
- if (mpMin[i->key.first] > 0)
- ++i->key.second;
- }
return vcep;
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