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fix for duplicate subtitles found on windows #1434

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When using subtitles in a subs subdirectory on Windows XBMC loads the subtitles twice and displays twice as many subs/languages in the sub dialog.

I picked this solution since we can have a case sensitive source even if we're on Windows so it still checks for that and if a directory is found twice it skips adding it to the list.

Any feedback welcome.


this will break if there actually is a subs and a Subs on a case sensitive fs.


Cptspiff: yah it'll break in that case and maybe it's not the best solution. My reasoning for this method was that it should be extremely rare to find both a subs and Subs folder in the movie folder. However the fix solves it for any case insensitive case where there's only one subs folder which is probably a more common scenario. I feel the trade off is worth it in the absence of a better solution.


Why not invert the search? List the basedir, test if any subdirs are in the common_sub_dir list. It should be fast since the dir list is likely cached already and it saves us the stats on slow FS.


T-nelson: sounds like a good idea.

@Paxxi Paxxi closed this
@Paxxi Paxxi deleted the Paxxi:subtitles branch
@LongChair LongChair referenced this pull request from a commit in plexinc/plex-home-theater-public
@LongChair LongChair Don't display User / pin dialog upon screensaver wakeup if we're play…
…ing something, fixes #1434
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Commits on Sep 16, 2012
  1. @Paxxi
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  1. +15 −1 xbmc/Util.cpp
16 xbmc/Util.cpp
@@ -2328,7 +2328,21 @@ void CUtil::ScanForExternalSubtitles(const CStdString& strMovie, std::vector<CSt
CStdString strPath2 = URIUtils::AddFileToFolder(strLookInPaths[i],common_sub_dirs[j]);
if (CDirectory::Exists(strPath2))
- strLookInPaths.push_back(strPath2);
+ {
+ //check that no duplicate paths are added for case-insesitive sources e.g.
+ //subs and Subs would cause duplicate subtitles to be loaded.
+ bool bInsert = true;
+ for (int k=0; k<strLookInPaths.size(); k++)
+ {
+ if(0 == strLookInPaths[k].CompareNoCase(strPath2))
+ {
+ bInsert = false;
+ break;
+ }
+ }
+ if (bInsert)
+ strLookInPaths.push_back(strPath2);
+ }
// .. done checking for common subdirs
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