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[pvr] Use CommonBackground in MyPVR.xml (confluence) #1494

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Includes the "CommonBackground"s in MyPVR.
Together with #1455 this allows us to show fanarts for pvr recordings.



Dont know if I like the idea of this if you actually look at the code the reason why it is separate is because I dont what 2 copies of the video visible when the use has the channels selected


Sry, didn't look closely enough and thought it was forgotten after the big pvr merge.
Could you help me getting the fanarts shown for recordings? I think there are just a few lines missing in MyPVR.xml.


Just adding an extra image control after the background ones and before the videos like this should do it (but not tested)

        <control type="image">
            <texture background="true">$INFO[ListItem.Property(Fanart_Image)]</texture>
            <visible>!Skin.HasSetting(HideBackGroundFanart) + !IsEmpty(ListItem.Property(Fanart_Image))</visible>
            <visible>![Player.HasVideo + !Skin.HasSetting(ShowBackgroundVideo)] + ![Player.HasAudio + !Skin.HasSetting(ShowBackgroundVis)]</visible>

@JezzX Thanks, I've updated this PR after testing your propsal with #1455. Works fine!


@opdenkamp since this is now closely related to the recording images support in #1455, any chance we get this in too for october? (its not assigned yet to the milestone)

@JezzX JezzX was assigned

looking fine to me. @JezzX ?


The main reason I've not replied since is I think I might just bit the bullet and actually change the way the common one works so it can just use CommonBackground instead of adding in all this dupe code to the pvr window only as it harshes my karma


CLosign this one because you can test this newer version instead #1533

@JezzX JezzX closed this
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Commits on Sep 28, 2012
  1. @fetzerch
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Showing with 13 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +13 −0 addons/skin.confluence/720p/MyPVR.xml
13 addons/skin.confluence/720p/MyPVR.xml
@@ -24,6 +24,19 @@
<visible>Skin.HasSetting(UseCustomBackground) + !IsEmpty(Skin.String(CustomBackgroundPath))</visible>
+ <control type="image">
+ <posx>0</posx>
+ <posy>0</posy>
+ <width>1280</width>
+ <height>720</height>
+ <aspectratio>scale</aspectratio>
+ <texture background="true">$INFO[ListItem.Property(Fanart_Image)]</texture>
+ <include>backgroundfade</include>
+ <fadetime>FanartCrossfadeTime</fadetime>
+ <visible>!Skin.HasSetting(HideBackGroundFanart) + !IsEmpty(ListItem.Property(Fanart_Image))</visible>
+ <include>Window_OpenClose_Animation</include>
+ <visible>![Player.HasVideo + !Skin.HasSetting(ShowBackgroundVideo)] + ![Player.HasAudio + !Skin.HasSetting(ShowBackgroundVis)]</visible>
+ </control>
<control type="group">
<visible>!Control.IsVisible(11) + !Control.IsVisible(12)</visible>
<control type="image">
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