[rbp] Support the split gui/display resolution. #1529

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popcornmix commented Oct 3, 2012

Gui is limited to 720p. Display can be 1080p. Remove temporary hack of downsizing the textures

@popcornmix popcornmix [rbp] Support the split gui/display resolution. Gui is limited to 720…
…p. Display can be 1080p. Remove temporary hack of downsizing the textures.

huceke commented Oct 3, 2012

@theuni, @davilla: Ok to merge ?


davilla commented Oct 3, 2012

looks fine with me, hit the green button.

@huceke huceke added a commit that referenced this pull request Oct 3, 2012

@huceke huceke Merge pull request #1529 from popcornmix/master
[rbp] Support the split gui/display resolution.

@huceke huceke merged commit 57529e8 into xbmc:master Oct 3, 2012

buxit commented on 23888b9 Oct 4, 2012

would there be a way to work around the memory limitation without scaling the whole gui? what was the drawback of the old solution?

buxit replied Oct 4, 2012

but one that allowed the gui to be drawn at full resolution ...


huceke replied Oct 4, 2012

@buxit: yes, take out your solder iron :D

s7mx1 replied Oct 9, 2012

The effect of 720p GUI caps on 1080p screen is quite noticeable: image is blur and texts are not as sharp as they used to be. Instead of forcing everyone to have "low resolution" (unscaled from 720p) its better to have an option so user can turn the cap on/off. Remember not everyone use fanart.


theuni replied Oct 9, 2012

Which skin?

s7mx1 replied Oct 9, 2012

The default skin confluence lite I believe with blue bubbles background. Its not just me, other users have confirmed the difference.


theuni replied Oct 9, 2012

Confluence is 720p, as are almost all skins that would run on the Pi. It's always been scaled, so I'm calling BS.
In fact, the change here is that images that were previously scaled by 50% are now scaled down to 1280x720, so you're now getting twice the resolution for the bubbles.

For the 720p->1080p stretch, the scaling has moved from GL to the hardware scalers, which should be better anyway.

Text.. I could maybe buy that.

Since this was commited, subtitles have disappeared on 720p video :(
subtitles still appear on lowres video (xvid), but they aren't visible anymore when i play a x264 720p video

(yes, i'm sure it's because of that patch. i reverted it & it works now)


sraue replied Oct 9, 2012

i think the subtitle "issue" is more a question of calibrating the subtitle position, see:

but its something to look into


huceke replied Oct 9, 2012

I'm pretty sure it is the initial calibrtation which is wrong. Fix is in the works ;)

i don't care about fanart or other backdrops. i have fanart enabled and it all looks good when scaled (either by GL or hardware). i do care about ui and font sharpness though. subtitles specifically look a lot worse since the change.

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