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Add a new teletext font and make it optional via GUI setting #1539

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This PR add a new teletext font based on a retro style teletext font. The font is sourced from which is the only font I found that is shown correctly, not hiding parts of some letters. It also contain the full teletext character set, which the default font doesn't btw.

There is also a GUI setting to toggle font between the old default font and the retro font.

Screenshot of the new font:


Sorry i am strongly against adding another gui setting


The most important thing here is ensuring that we have permission to distribute the font. I suggest contacting the author of vhs_teletext, and ensuring that the font is freely distributable.

Other than that, is there any reason why we shouldn't just replace the existing font?


Will contact the author. Regarding just changing the font, we might get some objections as it's not as nice looking due to the "retro style" (original teletext look).


no need to make this optional in guisettings indeed. either replace it or leave it like it is now


same opinion. If current font has rendering issues, replace it - no need for a gui setting.


I'm the author of vhs-teletext. The ttf font I made is created automatically from the bitmap fonts which are part of the tv-fonts package on Debian, which is marked as GPL and made by Gerard Knorr for Xawtv. The software I used to do this is also available on github as So to the best of my knowledge this font is GPL.

I should mention that using ttf fonts for teletext is problematic. You often get gaps between the block characters. Where possible, using the bitmaps gives better results. I created a ttf font only because browsers don't support bitmap fonts. If you can guarantee the fonts will be rendered without antialiasing or hinting, then this is not an issue and ttfs work fine.


Thanks Ali1234 for your input!

I will later update the PR to only replace the font then, according to the "consensus" here.


looks fine to me

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