Support controlling external xbmc/upnp instance over UPnP #1597

merged 14 commits into from Feb 3, 2013
Commits on Jan 20, 2013
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    gui: allow reporting of playback time for a non av player

    elupus committed Oct 10, 2012
    Shows info for a upnp remote player
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    confluence: use Player.Title instead of (Music/Video)Player.Title

    elupus committed Oct 27, 2012
    This label is generic and support non video/audio players as well
  6. @elupus

    sys: only reset forced player on playback stopped

    elupus committed Oct 22, 2012
    This will allow a forced player to continue advancing in a playlist.
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    sys: add action "switchplayer" that allows switch of forced player

    elupus committed Oct 27, 2012
    This allow moving a playing item to a another player (remote upnp
    for example) and attaching to a remote upnp player already playing
    It's hooked up to "y" on keyboard currently.
    squash into switching
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