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Added ability to overwrite current content in Numeric Dialog #1658

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BluTuTh commented Oct 22, 2012

Currently if you want to change, let's say a port for HTTP proxy server in settings, via Numeric Dialog, you have to delete current port number before entering new one.
This PR add ability to set overwrite mode.

By setting pDialog->SetMode(INPUT_NUMBER, string, true) current content will be overwritten.

I added bool bOverWrite to CGUIDialogNumeric::SetMode function. Currenty it is set to true. This means that every Numeric Dialog will overwrite current value, by setting it to false, the Numeric Dialog will behave as normal.

ghost commented Apr 6, 2013

please rebase


purely cosmetic, but when you rebase could you please change this so that it's consistent (m_overwrite) with other variables.

Team Kodi member

can you please update the PR and rebase?

@jmarshallnz jmarshallnz closed this May 4, 2014
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